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Why Business Owners Should Adventure Often!

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Adventuring across the world will enable you to become a more globally aware, interested, healthier, and appreciative business owner. Learn more of the inspiration behind Adventure Often!

Adventuring advances your GLOBAL LEARNING.

I didn’t know much about its rich history before visiting the impressive Alhambra, in Granada, Spain.

You truly learn when you adventure far and wide, away from home and what’s familiar.  It’s not what’s in the history books or what’s on the news, real global learning comes from experiencing the world yourself.  In fact, many world-renowned sights I visited, and historical events I learned about, I (shocking!) knew little to nothing about!

The most important lessons in global perspective come from the people themselves.  I highly recommend that you engage with local people wherever you go (I used couchsurfing.org and also stayed with international colleagues and mutual friends.)  By talking to a Pakistani, Native American, Vietnamese elder, or someone who lived on the other side of the Berlin Wall, you’ll gain invaluable perspective of what their culture and history was really like.  (PS this is how world peace starts!)

You’ll soon be breaking preconceived stereotypes.  We Americans are not what is portrayed on MTV, just as not all Parisians are snobbish, Israelis and Palestinians can get along, and not all Australians can surf.

The world is a rich global tapestry filled with complex histories, people’s stories, and infinite global learning!

Adventuring awakens you to CULTURAL FASCINATION

Geishas in a traditional dance ceremony in Kyoto, Japan

In your everyday life, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine and not notice what is going around you.  When you adventure, it’s an entirely different experience!  Learning about the people, customs, and finite cultural differences around the world is fascinating!

What was once commonplace is now an entirely new experience.  How do you exchange a business card with a person in South Korea? How do you greet an Italian for the first time?  How do you slurp your noodles in Japan?  How do I contribute to a Maori nature blessing?

It’s fascinating to experience the sometimes slight, sometimes dramatic cultural differences you can encounter while adventuring.  The days of adventuring will be filled with a repeated state of euphoria and amazement!

Bonus: You’ll be inspired to break out of your overworking habits.  Across the world, most cultures embrace a sense of community, food (see below), and fun.  That’s what life is all about!

Adventuring allows you to EAT WELL.

Delicious tagine with host and his friends in Essaouria, Morocco

Hasn’t anyone told you, half the fun of traveling is eating delicious new and international foods!  Food around the world is rich in spices, tradition, and love.  It’s commonplace to eat local and organic foods.  People around the world don’t eat at their desks, they take time to savor and share meals!When I came back home after 7 months in Europe and Asia, I was shocked by the American food culture, and became a Holistic Health Coach to help Americans embrace food culture (there’s more to food than dieting, frozen meals and fast food on the go!)

You’ll return home from your adventures with a new sense of food culture.  You’ll be inspired buy an ethnic cookbook, host a dinner party, invest in higher quality food, and take longer-deserved lunch breaks!



Adventuring teaches you GRATEFULNESS & APPRECIATION.

Women and I share a laugh as they do field work in a village outside of Jaipur, India.

Everyone in western culture should experience life in a third world country.  I remember the day I arrived Fes, Morocco.  There was poverty everywhere, many people living on the streets, beggars everywhere, including many with missing limbs.  Seeing poverty and misfortune forever changed me, as it will you.

In our ordinary lives, it’s easy to stress, feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and dissatisfied about what’s not going right.  But when you experience a global perspective, you will grow infinitely more grateful for what you have, and compassionate about world causes.


Jennifer at a castle in Guimarães, Portugal.


Sure your life isn’t perfect (yet), but you could have been that woman in India carrying things on her head (and even she is smiling!).  From this, you realize your life is pretty great already (and you should smile more too.).  And… with your new outlook on your own life opportunities, you will feel (even more) empowered to live your BIG dream!


Tell us your story about how ADVENTURING has shaped your life and your BIG business.


Jennifer Koch is a travel enthusiast and founder of AdventureOften.com. She inspires people to step up of the ordinary, get out their everyday rut by embracing adventure and the traveler’s spirit.  She lived her entire life in Richmond, Virginia and didn’t get a passport until she was 21.  She has since traveled to 25 countries/territories on her own.  She loves being a fashionista everywhere she goes, and her hobbies include yoga, pinterest-ing Paris, staring at maps, reading positive thinking books, and browsing through ethnic grocery stores.





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