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What to do with your Weekend Entrepreneur? Create Your Own Work Week!

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Should you work on the weekends?

Entrepreneurs are divided down the middle. Should you relax and lay back, have time with your family or take advantage of 48 MORE hours to create and WORK? I recommend that you find YOUR OWN ideal grove, adapting your work week to fit your IDEAL lifestyle (with my helpful tips!).   Figure out whether working on the weekends works for you or if is just draining your social life.

Lynan says: I do work on Saturdays but I don’t work on Sundays. I work on Saturdays because I have some relaxation and self-care time on Tuesday during the week days. I’ve just shifted my work week to fit my LIFE!

Give these Weekend Warrior Tips a try!

  1. Create your own work week: Break ALL the rules! Whatever works best for your PRODUCTIVITY. Work weeks don’t have to always be 5 days a week. You set your own rules. This is a PERK of being an entrepreneur & your own BOSS – so USE it! Weekends can be PART of your work week. Break the CORPORATE mold! And do what’s best for you and your business.
  2. Regroup! The weekend when you are in the downtime energy is a great time to ASSESS. It’s important to recharge your battery but do not forget to make time to take inventory. Start planning for the week ahead. If you don’t do ANY OTHER work on the weekend, simply take a look at how the week went and survey the ENTIRE scene of your business currently. Get an OVERVIEW and readjust anything that needs attention.
  3. Clear the Clutter: Take this quiet Weekend Time to clean up your office. Especially if you are an entrepreneur who works from home, straighten that home office, vacuum the floor and EVEN pick up ALL around the house too! Clutter anywhere in your life is going to breed clutter into your business. Remember the way we do one thing, is the way we do EVERYTHING. CLEAN up after the week, CLEAR away the old energy. Reorganize your desktop, file away some unnecessary papers, take out the trash. Release any of the chaos from the past work week. Take the weekend time to get rid of the clutter from last week before you start a BRAND new week. Start with a clean slate!
  4. Dream your NEXT WEEK action plan: Ask yourself “What am I working on right now?” and “What do I want to be doing next?” Give yourself some creative time to dream a little. You are in that relaxing weekend energy, have fun! Get out your notebook and jot down some new, exciting ideas for your business and your life. Let your imagination run WILD. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND pulling out the Reveal & Accelerate Your BIG FACTOR Guide to get in touch with your BIG dreams, for your life and your business. Don’t have it yet? It just takes two minutes to sign up and get it sent right your inbox at http://www.thebigfactor.com! The weekend is a great time to dream and think BIG thoughts about where your BIG dreams are going without the rush of the work week to distract or deter you.

Every weekend, I challenge you to:

  • Break all the rules – Make your own work week!
  • Don’t follow the corporate rules because YOU don’t have to. If you need to work on the weekend, DO IT!
  • But make sure you scheduling in R&R SOMETIME during your week.
  • Remember that the weekend is a POWERFUL TIME for regrouping, surveying the scene and creating new BIG action plans.
  •  And also cleaning up from all the chaos of the week! Release clutter in your office, clutter in your car, clutter in your home! Because clutter anywhere around you is going to come and sneak into your business.

Have a fantastic weekend- Regrouping, strategizing, and mostly importantly-relaxing and recharging!

Be sure to comment below about your WEEKEND WARRIOR success!

Lynan Saperstein

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