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What is a Business Coach? And Do I Need One?

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Friends and colleagues (and even my mother!) ask me all of the time,

“Lynan, What exactly is a Business Coach? And how does an entrepreneur or small business know when they need one?”

I absolutely LOVE answering this question, after all its what I do day in and day out. Business coaching is what makes me excited to jump out of bed in the morning. I wish I could answer this question in a simple blog post but I would be doing those who really need this information, in depth a disservice.


1-hour Information Teleclass on this exact topic!

“What is a Business Coach? Do I Need One?

And How Do I Take That Leap Of Faith and INVEST IN MYSELF?”

You will get ALL of the details below –
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SO I have decided to do something BIG (of course!), and unprecedented for me. I really feel compelled to share this information with all of you, its hard to navigate all the information & programs out there. I want to support ALL of you in figuring out what is the best solution and intention for YOU and your growing business. I am teaching this FREE Hour long Live! Telelclass to share my knowledge around:

  • What is a Business Coach/Mentor?
  • How do I know if I need a Business Coach at my stage of business growth?
  • Who will benefit the most from a Business Coach?
  • What should one look for when hiring a Business Coach?
  • Where do you find the right Business Coach for you?
  • How much do Business Coaches cost? And how the heck am I going to find the money to invest in one?

Several years ago, I did not know exactly what a Business Coach was either. I was a struggling new business owner, trying to make ends meet AND grow my business at the same time. But when the day came and I discovered Business Mentoring, it was magical. Seriously, light bulbs went off, symphony music was playing, I saw and felt all the possibilities for me, my business growth and the HUGE impact I could have in this world.

I also saw DOLLAR SIGNS. Programs and private coaching can be pricey. But in my heart, I knew I was being called for GREATER. MORE. Dreaming bigger about who I reached and how I shared my message. How was I going to find the money to invest in this amazing opportunity in front of me? How did I get to the place where I could take a leap of faith and invest in MYSELF and my PASSION? Being a part of the academic world, classes and degrees cost MONEY. So I have always been familiar with the concept of investing money for more knowledge, support and ultimate upleveling of your life & career. But I know this can be a slippery slope for new entrepreneurs who live paycheck to paycheck, sometimes unsure of when the next payday is coming.

I will dig into ALL of this juiciness and MORE, on September 4th, at 7 pm EST/ 4 pm EST! I want everyone to know about the endless possibilities for their growth with business coaching/mentoring and I want you to know HONESTLY how it works. I will also offer AMAZING bonuses for those who can join me LIVE! on the teleclass (it will be recorded for those who can’t be on live). A BIG challenge will be presented to encourage you to make more money, have more confidence and find a way to INVEST in yourself & your big dreams immediately!

Can’t wait to share all of the Biz Coaching goodies with you on September 4th! Make sure to share information about this ABSOLUTELY FREE Telelclass with any friends or colleagues who could also benefit from this information.

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Lynan Saperstein

6 responses to “What is a Business Coach? And Do I Need One?”

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