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Welcome – Framework

Welcome To A Journey of Greatness. An experience in sharing your Big Factor.

Firstly, Congratulations for taking a stand for you and your vision. This is a powerful step toward your empire foundation being built.

Secondly, a deep bow of gratitude for joining The Big Factor strategy team on this journey. We want to honor your Greatness and your saying a big HELL YES to opportunity.

Thank you for the impact you have in this world. Thank you for wanting to play a bigger game of service with your innovative company.

You have said YES to the uplevel of yourself and your business as a global brand.
You have said YES to daring visibility and getting right in front of your ideal clients and customers.
You have said YES to allowing your magnificent gifts, talents and abilities to be seen in your marketplace.

We’re embarking on a journey together.
You’re coming in alone.
You will leave with a complete support structure.
From solopreneur to empire.
And everywhere in between.

My team is now your team.
We’re all super-connectors. And there are many waiting to discover your brand.

You are ready.

Your program begins right now. Take a deep breath and let the awesomeness in.

You will receive a detailed Welcome Packet outlining our work together directly to your Inbox. Let us know if you have any further questions or if you don’t receive it! via info@thebigfactor.com

Here’s to You, Your Business and Building Your Empire.

Lynan and The Big Factor Team

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