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The Top 20+ Heart & Soul Expanding Retreat Experiences of 2020 : Part 1

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Highlighting the most life-changing live retreat experiences globally

The Experience Experts has gathered together the most life-changing live retreat experiences from around the world hosted by the top experience creators. Explore to find the perfect retreats for you!

Are you seeking a transformational boost to support your year? Do you have big goals or intentions for yourself, your business, your art or your relationship, that you want empowerment from the experts from around the world to reach? As human beings in this busy world, you might forget to take time for yourself. When was the last time you scheduled a get-away with the plan to go within to reflect, pause and heal. This is your invitation for 2020.


2020 is bursting at the seams with life-changing retreats, workshops, and experiential events that will help you tap into your inner self and soar to the next level. 

We’ve gathered the top 20+ heart and soul expanding experiences being offered all around the world because we are the Experience Experts and this is our specialty. 


Lynan Saperstein, our Chief Marketing Strategist and fellow experience creator, is connected to some of the most brilliant, knowledgeable and world-changing experience creators and curators on the planet and she’s hand-picked these retreats and experiences to share with you to have the most epic year ever. This series of powerful interviews showcases the many options you have for getting away to go within on retreat in 2020.

Creative Writing & Yoga Retreats with Victoria & Cole

Looking for a beautiful blend of yoga, meditation, and creative writing? This extra-special retreat will help center you, unleash your creative power, and connect you deeply to the power of nature. World-renowned writer Victoria Erickson and Thai Yoga Massage & Yoga teacher Cole Change join forces to curate these unparalleled experiences.

Combining the flow of the written word with the flow of yoga creates a boundless opportunity to reconnect with self and source. Let your imagination run wild and embody your passion!

These retreats come with the added bonus of being offered twice in 2020, so if you get the call now, later or dreamed of a different location (Chile or Italy), we highly recommend you reserve your spot today.

Claim one of the last spots to Poetic Patagonia in Chile now or start counting down to Sicilian Summer 2020 in gorgeous Italy in a few short months. 



The Happiness Retreats – Greece

Is your soul calling out for more time immersed in nature? Do you dream of secret islands, blue green waters and warm sunshine on your skin?

Find your center and life transformations in the secluded islands of Greece.

 With her signature retreat Blue Bliss, July 11-18, 2020, dive deep into bringing joy and happiness into your everyday life by cultivating self-love, appreciation for your gifts, and the embodiment of true belonging. Hosted by Apostolia Papadamaki, a powerful nurturing native Greek choreographer, performer & teacher, come to experience her extraordinary secret island Happiness retreats for yourself.

Through using many different healing modalities, including yoga, breath-work, and sacred rituals, you will begin to come home to yourself and find true bliss in every aspect of your existence. 

   Koufonisi Island – courtesy of The Happiness Retreats

The sacred container created during these retreat days is something you will be able to carry with you throughout your life. Her participants come back year after to year to her extra special Greece experiences.


Join Apostolia on the beautiful island of Koufinisi or one of the other magical Greek islands (and also in Italy!) for a life-transforming retreat. 

Clarity 2020 – Thailand

Craving clarity for your 2020? In a life transition and looking for a retreat to empower your shift?

A Journey to the Self in the Jungle of Thailand may be exactly want you desire.

Customized Hatha yoga sessions (& Handstand workshops with the Handstand Queen herself Ms. Tunde Borrego), breath-work, bodywork and your very own Thai cooking class! Intimate group on the floating bungalows of the Khao Sok National Forest on the fresh water lake. What could be more healing and relaxing!

Join Ravi Rothenberg in gorgeous Thailand from May 4-11 to gain clarity and fully digital detox. Whether you are going through a life transition or simply want to explore Southeast Asia with your new tribe while focusing on your well-being, leave your phone behind for this ideal retreat healing experience.

The combination of these activities are layered expertly during the week to allow you to fully turn within and discover your true nature. Be prepared to fully dive in and uncover everything hiding underneath the surface. As an extra special treat, Lynan Saperstein will be there as a participant and facilitating a few exercises during this powerful Thailand retreat immersion event.


Gain clarity in 2020 today, reserve your spot!


                        Photos courtesy of Clarity 2020 / jungleyoga.com

Eco-Adventure + Yoga Retreats in Bolivia and Peru

Dreaming of South America? Eco-Adventure? Yoga? And New Life-long friends?

Sometimes travel to a new continent or country can be daunting but with retreats you have a built in experts, friends, activities and FUN! Meet the amazing yoga teacher Vanesa MouKa who guides powerful yoga, movement & retreat journeys in Bolivia & Peru. Journeys to sacred lands and for sacred journeys of healing, understanding and adventure within.

Vanesa Mouka and her Om Beats Yoga studio are bringing forth two offerings in local culture, connection and abundance this year. Join for either Bolivia or Peru and foster a connection to nature unlike any other. With both experiences including yoga classes, adventure, and a view into local culture, art, and cuisine, this is both a retreat and an incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge of  different cultural traditions. 

These 4-day retreats ares stunning glimpse into the sacred area of the Andes and the magic that lies within. You can book one or combined both together for an epic South American retreat deep dive lead by the heart of South American soul sister.

Claim a spot in either (OR BOTH) of these truly eco-centered retreats in South America today!

Awaken Affluence Costa Rica

Are you desiring to take your purpose to the next level as a leader? Are you curious about how plant medicine can elevate your service on this planet?

Immerse yourself into new levels of abundance in 2020 with the Awaken Affluence program in Nosara, Costa Rica. Powerful 7-day deep dive retreat including 3 sacred ceremonies, from June 27-July 4th,  and a full 4-months of integrative coaching after the retreat, this experience will, quite literally, change your vibration, your service and your life. Tera and AJ Maxwell have created this retreat experience for highly curated, application-only intimate group of 12 leaders to remove all blocks holding you back from achieving everything you want. 

A deep dive for visionaries, to access the next levels of freedom and abundance. Her story and journey to living & working from Costa Rica will inspire & awe you.

Drop in and see if you are the leader who is calling in this powerful sacred and integrative experience. This program will help facilitate your shift into vibrating at the highest possible frequency through sacred plant medicine. Joining this retreat is true evolution on an accelerated path. Check out this amazing informational recording on how to best work with plant medicine as a multidimensional tool and during retreats. 

Activate the life of your dreams. Apply for Awakened Affluence Experience today!


What are you searching for in 2020? What are you hoping to uncover or cultivate in your life or business for the new year? 

Could an epic retreat experience be the exact thing your heart & soul are craving for your next evolution? 


Join The Experience Experts throughout January and February as we share the Top 20+ Retreat Experiences to Expand Your Heart & Soul in 2020. We are stepping fully into our powerhouse network to share these exceptional events with all of you – be inspired & sign up if they resonate. 

Whether you are interested in joining a retreat, hosting your own, or simply finding the best possible reflective getaway vacation spot, 2020 is a great year to start on the right foot. Choose the perfect heart & soul expanding retreat journey for you!



If you are wanting to expand the reach of your retreat event, build a retreat business (That’s a business that makes profit & is sold-out retreat after retreat, year after year) and attract the most ideal, like-minded participants, The Experience Experts has your back. 


Schedule a discovery call to see how we can help you expand who knows about your retreat experiences and who BOOKS a spot at your next experience!




Lynan Saperstein

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