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Thinking About Rebranding? 8 Questions To Ask Yourself First

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Change can be scary. But it can also be crazy exciting and necessary for growth. This goes for life, business, love—and your BRAND.

You already know that your branding is critical to your business’ success.

It’s what allows you to build real and meaningful relationships with your customers. It’s what creates credibility, recognition, and a higher perceived value. It’s what silently guides potential clients your way.

You cannot afford to be anything less than 100% confident in your website presence. 

If your brand does not align with the essence of you and where your business is headed, then it is time for some serious rebranding and realignment. But before you dive in, it’s important to get laser-focused on where your business is at now—and where it is you want it to be.

Not long ago I had the incredible opportunity to teach a rebranding workshop here in San Diego to our Ladies That Launch group. It was a beautiful experience, and so intensely inspiring to see each woman leave the event ready to take movement toward their new and improved branding.

You can also begin taking tangible steps towards building a brand that you—and your clients—love today.

Prepare your rebrand for serious success by asking yourself these 8 crucial questions first:


1. Am I clear about what it is I do—and how I do it?

Often the first thing we want to do when it comes to branding is dive straight into color palettes and logos and designs. But before you do, it’s important to get crystal clear on what you and your business are all about—a blurry brand just won’t do in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace. What are your unique selling points? What are your consistent benefits & results for customers? What sets you and your services/offerings apart from the masses?  Don’t be afraid to showcase what it is that makes you stand out in your particular marketplace in your rebrand.


2. How do I want to be positioned in the marketplace?

Your brand is your online identity. Make sure that your new brand fully expresses how you want to be perceived by your target audience—while also, always, positioning you as an expert in your field.

Are you fun? Serious? Adventurous? Established? Tap into your soul’s energy and strengths and infuse this personal authenticity into your brand. This is often a differentiating factor of why a customer will pick you OVER a ‘competitor.’


3. Is it clear what field I am in?

Think about your ideal client. What other brands do they know, like, trust and ultimately BUY from? Use these brands as inspiration to ensure that you deeply connect with your target audience. My client Charmaine Haworth is a perfect example of this. Charmaine is a high-end, luxury life coach for men and women. We surveyed her audience during her rebranding and discovered that many of them were also fans of Tom Ford. So Charmaine modeled some elements for her logo, fonts and website layout off of a similar feel. That’s NOT to say she copied what he was doing; rather, she tuned into the energy and feelings of Tom Ford’s brand and incorporated a similar vibe. Modeling is a powerful tool to align your new branding with brands your customers already interact with.


4. Is my brand in alignment with what I actually do?

By now you know that the number one way to transform your brand is to infuse the essence of you into all that you do. But you cannot do this if your brand is not in alignment with YOU.

Your brand’s mission and services will continue to expand and transform as YOU continue to expand and transform. But your online identity should remain in alignment with you throughout this journey.

I had to ask myself this same question back in 2013. It was after the successful inaugural Trailblazer’s Retreat, and it hit me hard: I reach my tribe online, yet I wasn’t 100% confident in my online presence (like I was with my mission, purpose and service in body and being). It was time for a shift. And you know what? I will be tweaking my branding until the day I die because I will always be learning and expanding on my life journey, and my service through The Big Factor.

Ensure that your rebranding is in alignment with where you are now—and where you are going—not with where you once used to be.

I often say you can create a brand you will grow into. It’s okay if the new branding is a projection to the expansive direction your business is growing. The new and improved branding will guide your growth. Its like when you buy shoes for quickly-growing children, a few sizes too big is actually a perfect fit.


5. What emotions do I want to evoke from my target audience? 

Danielle LaPorte says it beautifully in the Desire Map: How do you want to make your target audience FEEL? The answer to this question will inspire them on their journey of connection to YOU and your business as they continue to know, like and trust you more.

Your color palette will play an enormous role in the mood and emotions that you evoke from your audience. For example, blue is often perceived as trustworthy and secure. Red is dramatic and passionate. White exudes simplicity and purity. For more on what emotions your color scheme conveys, have a look at this fascinating article from the Entrepreneur.


6. Who are my top three ‘competitors’?

I don’t believe in competition, but I do believe in knowing your market inside and out. The key is not to look at others in your industry to compare and despair. Rather, look to learn and discover what is already out there. How can you stand out and still bring forward the most authentic you? What do you like and what do you know you are improving upon in your marketplace? Revisit these three annually, and see if your ‘competitors’ change over time as you narrow your brand as well.


7. Am I copying anyone?

We are not copycats. THIS is why I support trailblazing entrepreneurs. We create from a unique and innovative space. Be different—it will always make you MORE money. That doesn’t mean you can’t find 3-5 logos or brands you love for inspiration. But be specific about why you like them, and also why you don’t. Your graphic designer/branding team will then be able to help you with a rebrand that is authentically you.

It’s tempting I know, you love what another person is doing, I get it. But take the elements you LOVE and make them your own. Be an innovator and reinvent & repurpose for your branding.


8. How will my new brand be integrated into my current online presence?

Is it going to be easy to plug your new and improved brand into your current website? Or are you going to need to think about a website update to match your new gorgeous branding? This is exactly what happened to me last year. I often build brand new sites with clients in the rebranding process, so don’t be afraid to go for a complete overhaul while you are at it!

Don’t forget to incorporate your new brand into all of your online platforms once new branding is completed. That means going through your social media sites (Linkedin, Facebook, and even YouTube videos, etc.) to leave no stone unturned.


Once you’ve sat with and contemplated the above questions, then you are ready to get started with your rebranding (or your original branding) strategy! A branding team will make all the difference in ensuring that your online presence is consistent, impactful and effortless. But if you’re navigating the branding terrain alone, then make sure you don’t miss any of the essentials with this great infographic from Hubspot. It’s a comprehensive checklist that will take you through the ABCs of your branding strategy and introduce you to all of the elements that go into a rockstar brand.


Are you ready to begin the exciting journey of rebranding your business? What additional questions do you think are key to ask yourself before getting started? As always, I love to hear your feedback in the comments section below!

Lynan Saperstein

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