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The 50+ Best Retreat Experiences of 2018

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The 50+ Best Retreat Experiences of 2018

Explore the top wellness, spiritual, yoga, meditation, healing, business/entrepreneurship, relationship and more retreats around the world that 2018 has to offer.

The It’s a new year and with a new year comes new adventures and new self-exploration. 2018 is no exception as its the perfect year for you to jump start powerful transformation in your life, your business, your body, your self-care practices, your relationships and beyond

What better way to go on a journey of self-discovery with like-minded people anywhere in the world than a Retreat?

Retreat experiences are evolving. There are not just basic yoga retreats and simple meditation retreats anymore. Retreat experiences are taking new and exciting shapes each year, as the extraordinary hosts and speakers create dream transformational experience. Retreats span all areas of life: from personal growth to active travel adventures to spirituality to women’s empowerment to consciousness and everywhere in between.

If you know me and you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love retreats. They have completely shaped my life, my choices, my communities and the way that I live. I cannot recommend highly enough, choosing at least one of these amazing Retreats for 2018 to anchor your year, anchor your transformation and anchor all of your goals into reality.

If you are an entrepreneur or a high-performing individual, the best gift you can give yourself this year is a retreat – not just a vacation but a weekend, a week or more that you know you’re going to get away so you can go within.

Health retreats. Fitness retreats. Yoga retreats. Spiritual retreats. Healing retreats.

There are so many retreats to choose from, how to pick the right one for you?

This is a carefully assembled evergreen list of extraordinary retreats going on in 2018 around the world. I have highlighted some of the amazing points of the retreat in a short description but there’s so much more to learn and explore by clicking each of the links. Deep dive to discover about the hosts, speakers and the curated experience that awaits you.

If you see an amazing retreat or experience missing from my list, please don’t hesitate to email me (lynan @theexperienceexperts.com) as this is an ever-expanding list of retreats that will be evolving throughout the year. Be sure to check back if you are craving an escape, a renewed transformation or just time and space to get away and recharge anytime in 2018.

Happy Retreating! I wish each and every person reading this post: magical and transformational experiences on retreats and every day of 2018.

2018 retreats


Yoga Retreats & Co.

Host: Julien Fruchier

Recurring dates every two weeks starting January 3, 2018


Travel to the Conchas Chinas, the Beverly Hills of Puerto Vallarta, for an experience of a lifetime! Feel secure, receive personalized attention in small groups, choose your instructors, your leisure time, and your adventures. Never miss out with retreats recurring every two weeks throughout the year.

Island Life: Part Summer Camp + Part Festival

Host: Island Life

January 21-27,2018



Join 300 others from around the world for a unique life changing island experience. Think part summer camp and part festival that is sure to foster connections, enhance personal growth/development, and allow for relaxation and time to explore your spiritual side.

Backpacking/Camping Essentials Micro Retreat

Host: Christina Schooler / Rooted Retreats

January 27, 2018

McKinney State Park


Learn how to hike like a pro, explore, and plunge into the falls! Enjoy the expansive Mckinney State Park for this mico retreat right in the heart of Austin.

Woman Work from Anywhere- Art of Collaboration Retreat

Hosts: KeeKee Cornelious and Patricia Alva- Kraker

January 27, 2018

Dallas, TX


Calling women entrepreneurs: attend this one-day event where you will learn the art of joint ventures, the quickest way to grow your business.


Primal Awakening in Big Bend National Park

Host: Christina Schooler / Rooted Retreats

February 1-4, 2018

Big Bend National Park


Embark on a wild journey into one of America’s most wild and untamed landscapes, where you are sure to witness abundant wildlife, trek diverse mountains, and immerse yourself in historic Mexican culture. Jump into the hot springs and unwind at the end of the day by a campfire joined by a spiritual energy healer to calm your mind, unleash your fears, and awake your spirit!

Woke Women Rising

Host: The Heart of Travel

February 3-10, 2018



This is a travel retreat for 14 badass women who want a mix of adventure and self growth where you will kayak, hike volcanoes, and of course yoga. Transform with organized workshops and activities to promote self growth and development, curating the ultimate goal of creating healthier and stronger communities.

Additional 2018 Group Trips listed HERE

Women’s Retreat to Nature

Host: Lillian Maricela Motta

February 3-10, 2018

San Teresa, Costa Rica


Join other women in what is known as the happiest place on earth to experience healing and self care through workshops, healing circles, and nature. This retreat will leave you enlightened, refreshed, and ready to take on anything that is put in your path!

Reboot, Rebalance, Refill Your Heart 5-Day Yoga Retreat Mexico

Hosted by: Jaya Hana

February 8-11, 2018

Villa Casa del Mar Bonito, Playa del Secreto, Mexico


A powerful breathwork, meditation, and yoga retreat to create more happiness and productivity in your life. You will deep dive with PM/AM yin and yang yoga, a Temazcal ceremony followed by jumping into an underground cave, and much more.

Babes in the Wild Retreat to Enchanted Rock

Host: Christina Schooler / Rooted Retreats

February 10- February 11, 2018

Enchanted Rock


Use that camping gear ladies! Join other women in this meditative, yet adventurous hiking/camping experience only an hour and a half from Austin!

Create a Revenue Breakthrough

( A Weekend Money Intensive, not quite a retreat but had to include it!)

Host: Monica Shah

February 14-16,2018

Brooklyn, New York


Certainty will make you rich. Get personalized coaching and attention to increase your confidence and revenue in your business, attend jam packed informational presentations to gain awareness of your shortcomings, and collaborate with other entrepreneurs for a weekend sure to change your business and your life.

Human Awakening

Host: Charlotte Terrien

February 14-18,2018

Las Tunusas


Explore the depths of our connection with body and mind combining soft and hard skill sessions through work and play immersed in nature. You will participate in workshops focussing on body and mind hacking, wellness, multisensory experiences, fasting, desire and relationships, and much more to optimize your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The Metamorphosis

Host: Stephanie Flor

February 15-19,2018

Samana, Dominican Republic


Are you ready to change your life? This retreat is jam-packed with deep immersions, yoga, beaches, whale watching, exploring, healthy gourmet meals, and much more! You will leave with a renewed body, an awakened mind, and a enlightened spirit ready to change the world!



Host: Charlotte Terrien

February 21-25, 2018

Las Tanusas


Care about this planet and want to enact change? This experience gathers ambitious community leaders with common visions to connect and unite on topics of global governance, identity, diversity, collaboration, and impact to connect and unite for larger impact on humanity.

Holi Festival and Taj Mahal in India

Hosted by: Chase Boehringer

February 25- March 3rd, 2018

Golden Triangle, India


Savour traditional indian cuisine, explore the ancient streets of New Delhi and Jaipur, and cross experiencing the Holi festival and Taj Mahal in-person off your bucket list.

woman on a retreat. Photo by Pexels


Inaugural Playscape Retreat

Hosts: Gary Ware and Amy Angelilli

March 4-10, 2018



Disconnect from your devices and explore the ultimate immersion into Nicaragua. If a week of yoga, play, exploring, organic food, and enjoying a close connection with new friends sounds like your kind of adventure this is the retreat for you!

Surf, Sup, and Seva Yoga Beach Retreat

Host: Soul Nourish Institute

March 1-5, 2018

La Costa del Bálsamo, Playa El Tunco, El Salvador


Want a mix of adventure, culture, and relaxing on the beach then this is your retreat! All inclusive packages at a luxury resort where you can surf, shake your booty in a salsa class, or focus on healing through yoga, meditation, and soul work classes.

Tropical Vibes Retreat to Garner State Park

Host: Christina Schooler / Rooted Retreats

March 3-4,2018

Garner State Park


Hike, camp, and picnic along the crystal blue waters of the enchanting Frio river in Garner State Park. You will enjoy beautifully prepared food on blankets while engaging in meaningful conversation and learning the essentials of camping like a pro.

Pause and Wake Up to Your Power

Host: Ssanyu Birigwa

March 5-11,2018



Live up and step into your power in a healing and transformative journey in the wildlands and beaches of kenya. Each day you will embark a new intention to support your evolution to reflect, reconnect, and embrace your higher-self.

Primal Awakening in Big Bend Park

(Women’s Only)

Host: Christina Schooler / Rooted Retreat

March 8-11,2018

Big Bend National Park


Women take charge on a wild journey into one of America’s most wild and untamed landscapes! Observe wildlife, trek diverse landscape, jump into the hot springs, and unwind at the end of the day by a campfire joined by a spiritual energy healer to calm your mind, unleash your fears, and awaken your spirit!

Seven Senses Retreat

Host: Erica Matluck

March 17-24, 2018

Xinalani, Yelapa, Mexico


Awaken your power and connect with your senses! This retreat offers a personal and collective journey to explore yourself in a magical setting connecting mind, body, and spirit through the lense of seven energy centers.


Unconventional Life: Safari Adventure in South Africa

Hosted by: Jules Schroeder

April 4-9th, 2018

Cape Town, South Africa


Come play, safari and grow your business with 30-40 millennials from around the world, Ready to collaborate, co-create, and accelerate your businesses and personal life? Then an Unconventional Life retreat is for you!

Yoga and Fitness Retreat

Hosts: Yoga Garden- Melissa Joy Schoeller and Laurel Van Matre

April 7-14,2018

Tulum, Mexico


Jump start your day with sunrise meditation and yoga classes, paddle board, bike, journal, meander the BoHo boutiques, visit Mayan ruins, sway in a hammock or relax.  Everything here is your choice including nourishing (fish, vegan, and wine) options and fresh juices while you hang out and socialize with new friends.

The Positive Thread Spring Wellness Retreat

Host: Heather

April 14-15,2018


Calling all Positive Thread members! This is your chance to unite, celebrate, and reflect on your wellness journey. Enjoy gourmet meals on rugs by candlelight with friends and participate in group activities on this weekend getaway!

Awakened Love

Hosts: Kori Zornes, Kendra Gail Beeleen, and Sarah Schewitz

April 14-19, 2018

Nosara, Costa Rica


Unlock your heart blocks in tropical paradise. Build a deeper level of intimacy and connection while enjoying beautiful sunsets, nourishing meals, and experiential exercises that will help connect you to each other and your hearts desires.

LuxeFit Barbados Retreat

Host: luxeFit

April 15-21, 2018



If you are ready for a fitness and travel adventure that whips your body into shape along the beautiful beaches of Barbados with intense training sessions, snorkeling with sea turtles, yoga, exploring underground caves, and more than this is the retreat for you!

Sicily Women’s Retreat

Host: Soul Nourish Retreats Institute: Mandy Roberts and Shari. L. Fox

April 29- May 5,2018


Join like-minded women for a retreat experience that includes a elegant wine tour and tasting, healthy Sicilian cuisine, rich Italian heritage, daily yoga/meditation, day trips and so much more!


The Social Impact Retreat

Host: Emily Levy

May 4-6, 2018


If you are stuck, need some inspiration, or need to shed some negative thoughts and beliefs then this is the retreat for you! Join leaders coming together to unblock, collaborate, and develop confidence!

Everest Base Camp Trek

Hosted by: Chase Boehringer

May 12-27th, 2018


Trek to the top of the world, check out your bucket list dream of Everest. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly deep into the Himalayas, hike to Base camp and continue upwards for more magical views with an awesome small group of new friends! $2,497 early bird and $2,697 standard pricing.

Luxury Epicurean French Yoga Retreat

Hosted by: Jaya Hana

May 13-19, 2018 (retreat is also available June 24-30, 2018 and September 23-29, 2018)

Villa Provencale, Clos St. Antoine, 6 Chemin des Bastides, Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France


Explore the magic of the South of France- Cannes, castles and yoga with daily meditation, breath, herbal infusions, journaling, shopping and many more local french experiences. Prices start 2,440 EU and range by room and occupancy with 50% deposit.

Unconventional Life: Kauai Singles Adventure

Hosted by: Jules Schroeder

May 17-21, 2018



Looking for your adventurous match? Join 50 high-level entrepreneurial singles to explore connection, communication and relational skill building on the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Reconnect Signature Retreat

Hosted by: Monica Isaza + Guido Pallini and guest teachers

May 17-22, 2018

Capalbio, Maremma, Tuscany


Breathe in deep and exhale while exploring the calming Tuscan Hills, reconnecting with your body, and rejuvenating your spirit with this yoga and holistic healing retreat. Experts will guide you on your personal journey as you explore the practices of acupuncture, reiki, massage, crystal healing and more.

California’s Desolation Wilderness Retreat

Hosts: Neil and Christina Schooler

May 18-20,2018


Get away from the hustle and bustle and escape to the desolate forests of California with this wilderness retreat. You will master the best tips, tricks, and science to have the most positive outdoor experience!

Return to Wholeness Level: 1:

A Sound, Voice, and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Intensive

Hosts: Jenn Tasnim Savage and Tryshe Dhevney

May 18-21, 2018


Sound is the doorway to complete healing and your voice is your most powerful asset; your ultimate tool for self-awakening. The sound of your voice & the Crystal Alchemy Bowls will take you there on this retreat.

Reconnect Couples Retreat

Hosted by: Monica Isaza + Guido Pallini and guest teachers

May 24-30, 2018

Capalbio, Maremma, Tuscany


Reconnect with yourself and your partner when you explore, nature, holistics, and yoga in the beautiful Tuscan Hills. Take it all in together while following experts as you explore the practices of acupuncture, reiki, couples massage, crystal healing, and more.

couples on a retreat. Photo by Unsplash.


Balance and Abundance

Hosts: Emily Eriksson and Nadav Wilf

June 23-30, 2018



If you are struggling to consistently achieve your goals and develop balance in life this is the ultimate answer. Transform and elevate your life balance, health, and wealth in Ibiza.

luxeFIT- Antigua

Host: luxeFIT

June 23-29



Explore Antiguas famous attractions: grabbing a bite at the famous Shirley Heights lookout, or visiting the world renown Devils Bridge for dazzling views. You will enjoy lazy days on the beach, learn to kitesurf and paddle board, hike an active volcano, and even fly over the lush rainforest with this fitness and wellness retreat!  

Luxury Epicurean French Yoga Retreat

Hosted by: Jaya Hana

June 24-30, 2018

Villa Provencale, Clos St. Antoine, 6 Chemin des Bastides, Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France


See text above for information in May retreat

Peru Medicine Retreat

Host: Revive Retreats

June 25-July 2, 2018

Cusco, Peru


Take a all inclusive trip to the Andes and sacred valley of Peru to experience the current location of the earth’s Kundalini energy and powerful land of traditional medicine to heal your body and soul. Participate in traditional Despacho ceremony with local shamans, daily yoga, trek the ruins of Machu Picchu, Pisaq, and embrace wonderful locally organic food during an organic farm tour in the city of Oilantaytambo.


Run with the Bulls in Spain Experience

Host: Chase Boehringer

July 5-11th, 2018


Experience the thrills and adventure when you run with the bulls in Spain, another once-in-a-lifetime bucket list adventure. $1399 early bird and $1599 standard pricing.

Romantic Visions Retreat

in Zion State Park

Hosted by: Christina Schooler

July 12-15,2018


The landscapes and colors will enchant and captivate your soul. Camp, hike, and inspire each other in the mountains and valleys of this famous historical park.

Ayahuasca Family: House in the Clouds Retreat

Hosted by: Zach & Jess Poitra

July 21-28, 2018

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Experience personal, deep, transformation guided by a shaman near the beautiful Lake Atitlan. Lift your spirit partaking in day trips, cleanse your soul during traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies, and have unlimited access to english speaking professionals 24/7 that will guide you through your journey of rebalancing and rebirth.

Unconventional Life:  Yacht Adventure in Croatia

Hosted by: Jules Schroeder

July 21-28th, 2018



Sail the Adriatic Sea on a transformational yacht journey with 75 other inspirational millennials. Ready to collaborate, co-create, and accelerate your businesses and personal life? Then an Unconventional Life retreat is for you!


Ayahuasca Family: Luxury Spa Ayahuasca Retreat

Hosted by: Zach & Jess Poitra

August 25-September 1, 2018

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


See text above for information

Bali Beauty

Host: Revive Retreats

August 25-September 2,2018

Ubud, Ulwatu, Bali


Expand your perception of the planet and community. You will learn Balinese cultural practices, yoga, explore temples, rice fields, and forests of monkeys with this magical retreat.


Ayahuasca Family House in the Clouds Retreat

Hosted by: Zach & Jess Poitra

September 15-21, 2018

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


See text above for information

Luxury Epicurean French Yoga Retreat

Hosted by: Jaya Hana

September 23-29, 2018

Villa Provencale, Clos St. Antoine, 6 Chemin des Bastides, Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France


See text above for information  

Creative Soul Leader Retreat

Hosted by Klara Goldy

September 2018

Cuneo, Italy



See Text above for information


F-It Italian Experience

Host:  Heather Hemmer

October 2018 TBD


Embark on an Italian foodies fantasy with 3 nights in Bologna and 4 nights in Chianti! Start by visiting the famous Parma Basilico to witness cheese making, followed by a majestic wine and bike tour through the beautiful vineyards of Chianti, and finishing with an authentic cooking class where you will learn how to make Italian classics like Bolognese, tortellini, and antipasti.

luxeFIT Puerto Vallarta

Host: luxeFIT

October 15-20, 2018

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


During the day venture through the impressive Sierra Madre mountains and get your gopro ready as you partake in some high altitude zip lining, rappelling down waterfalls, and exploring jungles. Explore nightlife and get a taste of Mexican culture on the El Malecon boardwalk featuring seaside artists, restaurants, local stores and multiple nightclubs on this fun filled adventurous retreat!

Wild and Beautiful Women’s Quest

Host: Soul Nourish Retreats Institute: Shari Fox & Mandy Roberts

October 20-25,2018


Brace yourself for a curated eco-luxe soul vacation with rugged nature, private adventure guides, and authentic cultural experiences. This breathtaking, pristine oasis where the desert meets the ocean, Todos Santos, meaning “Pueblo Magico” is a unique spiritual home.

best retreat experiences. Photo by Pexels.


Ayahuasca Family House in the Clouds Retreat

November 3-10, 2018

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


See text above for Information

LuxeFit Martinique

Host: Luxefit

November 4-11, 2018



Get your sweat on and also relax with the alluring attractions in Martinique. Admire the dazzling Balata Gardens, hike the active volcano Mont Pelee, and lounge on the beautiful beaches of Les Saline with its clear, calm waters on this fitness and wellness retreat.

Creative Leader and Soul Reader

New Delhi, India

Host: Klara Goldy

November 2018



See text above

Unconventional Life: Adventure Home in Bali


November 2018


Travel to the gorgeous, private, Panti Lima estate in Canggu, where you choose between your own private suite, or cozy up with a fellow Unconventional Life member. If you are ready to relax, unwind, collaborate, co-create, and accelerate your businesses and personal life then this Unconventional Life retreat is your style.

Yoga and Fitness Retreat

Hosts: Yoga Garden- Melissa Joy Schoeller and Laurel Van Matre

November 24-December 1, 2018

Tulum, Mexico


See above text

Surf and Serve

Host: Jennifer Loper

November 26- December 3, 2018

Nicaragua- Serve in Cristo Rey, Playa Gigante


What a better way to give thanks after the holiday than joining Surf and Serve for part yoga retreat, part service trip, part entrepreneur mastermind… And a little adventure. Totally transformational!


Ayahuasca Family House in the Clouds Retreat

December 1-8, 2018

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


See text above for Information

Synergida Retreat Center

Owners: Ben & Jen Rode

Costa Rica

Multiple Retreats throughout the year.


Imagine being whisked away on your private flight as you arrive into what is known as the happiest place on earth, where you feast, recharge starting your day or ending your night with an experiential talk, visit the petting zoo, or kick back in the infinity pool. All this for only $1500!

Designing for Social Innovation & Leadership Course


Dive deep into this 5-month Vertical Development Leadership course that teaches tools in innovation, while teaching depth in the practice of leadership, where we will dig into helping and guiding high impact leaders to better understand themselves and operate holistically within interdependent and complex systems. The course features a once in a lifetime 9-day immersion in South East Asia where you will get to put your teachings into practice.

Chosen Experiences

Multiple dates and locations

Host: Avey Cortez


Want the ultimate customized travel experience for self-growth, body transformation, and life-changing perspective? Explore to take the Chosen path and embark on your life-changing journey.

There are plenty of Retreats for you to chose from throughout the year so no matter when you have some free time to attend one, you’re sure to find one to fit your schedule.

Want to put together your own retreat or need help marketing your retreat? Contact us today to discuss collaborating with us. 




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