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Retreat Elite

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A Month-Long Intensive Retreat Planning + Marketing ExperienceMind

for experience entrepreneurs ready to launch their first or 50th successful retreat

The marketing rules in retreats and set-departure industry are not created equal.

Your experiential offering is different from the rest.

You have created a valuable, extraordinary experiences… memorable moments… top-tier service and uncommon adventures.

You know you’re a hidden gem, and those who discover your retreat will be amazed that their prayers have been answered.

So when it comes to your needs to market + increase sales, you deserve outstanding top-shelf guidance from the experts who truly understand your retreat marketplace.

Experts who will help you make MORE money with LESS effort and time, while staying true to the distinctive vision and get massive exposure for your event.

You’re invited to accelerate your planning process

You have committed to the vision of your dream retreat.
You have begun to research + test its success.
You are ready to launch your epic event now.
You know where you’re going.
But how to get there?

If your current challenges are…

—>The number of ideal attendees you desire just aren’t buying – or maybe they’re not even showing up

—>Your retreat logistics planning is not working as smoothly as you’d like it to

—>Fear of spending loads of money and time into your marketing, social media and outreach, because which strategies actually work? and which ones are a waste of effort for your particular retreat?

—>You’ve put all the long hours and hard work into your dream retreat, but your sales conversation skills are in dire need of a jump-start

I feel you. I have seen time and time again exactly what you’re going through, and the good news is I have built the exact solution to support you. I’m Lynan Saperstein, luxury travel and tourism marketing consultant + Creator of Trailblazer’s Retreat. I’ve worked with countless experience businesses across the globe, with challenges just like yours, and helped each one of them increase sales and create peace of mind.

From a yoga retreat center in Costa Rica needing retreat bookings, to luxury off-the-beaten path tour operators in Israel starting up set departures and yoga tours, to a rustic mountain lodge in Canada adding in yoga and adventure retreats, and many more – my clients have been able to revolutionize their marketing efforts & planning processes to maximize bookings and profit. Additionally, allowing space for ease of growth and dreams of next steps.

I love helping my clients transform their retreat ideas, from the inside out, and I’m completely dedicated to their success and happiness. It’s my desire to help more and more epic experiences be created – for travel, tourism and hospitality businesses to become super prosperous year after year. This is a 7.6+ trillion dollar industry after all!

As a way to support a greater number of struggling retreat and experience businesses, I assembled my most powerful and secret marketing formulas, collaborated with my brilliant team -The Experience Experts and developed a one-of-a-kind 45-day system to attracting more attendees, on smaller budgets, to gain just as much value as my private one-on-one consulting clients do. And paying a fraction of the investment.

This is the only all-in-one retreat program for transformational + adventure live events that provides in-depth training, support and materials in marketing, branding, sales and mindset mastery.

You will be learning from the very best.

Essentially, it’s everything you need to go from where you are now, to where you want to be in your revenue and sales goals. Don’t compromise the integrity of your creation and still have phenomenal sales results!

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Yes, I want to be in RETREAT ELITE!


Weekly Trainings + Q&A

You want to host a retreat you love that is constantly ATTRACTING attendees and actually MAKING YOU MONEY
You are ready now to deep dive in to implementing the Retreat, your experience with hosting retreat may vary, but after consulting with Lynan about where you are going, you will know the ideal path to success.

The Exact Formula for Creation + Marketing

Intimate Community Support

….like 1-on-1 consulting. Only 15 people maximum will be accepted.

Here are the training sessions you’ll actually enjoy:

The DIRT Method: Getting Started Now
Idea Validation
Details + Budgeting
Sales Conversations
Curation + Content : Customized Activities and Facilatation
Packaging & Pricing
Website Optimization / Capture Leads
Results + Benefits
Launch Marketing Plan
Support + Implementation Calls

And more!

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Why wait weeks, months, or even years for the profitable retreat of your dreams? You can have it in July!
Create + launch your future with all of the specific support + accountability you need.
Begins July 5th, comprehensive 45-day intensive planning experience

6-week Training Journey +
2 One-On-One Deep Dives with Lynan (or an Experience Expert)

Jam-packed with everything you need for a SOLD OUT, epic transformational event.

BONUS: Additional Expert Interviews!


Investment: $2997[/feature_service]

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ONE MONTH + Retreat

Jumpstart a new chapter in your retreat creation. One where you always know exactly what to do next to be the making money you want while serving through transformational retreats!

Not only will you have complete access for 6-weeks starting July 5th, comprehensive trainings + resources…
You will also get a coveted spot at Lynan’s Birthday Retreat in Peru
October 10-15, 2016, included in your ExperienceMind.

6-weeks of Retreat Elite Trainings
+ 2 Deep Dive Session with Lynan (or an Experience Expert)
+ 5 -Day immersion event at The Peru Retreat

Experience is the most powerful currency we have. Utilize this opportunity to connect with the Tribe + Lynan and fully embody your retreat business growth. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime retreat! A real special treat at Paz y Luz in the Sacred Valley below Machu Picchu.

BONUS: Ongoing Expert Interviews

Investment: $4997[/feature_service]

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Kick off 2015 with the support and keys to success you desire.
For 3 month you are covered, but you crave all year access to coaching & resources to build your future.
Why wait weeks, months, or even years for the business of your dreams? You can have it now!
Limited time offer.

6-weeks of Retreat Elite Trainings
+ 2 Deep Dive Session with Lynan (or an Experience Expert)
+ Additional 1-on-1 Consulting Support

You know you are a retreat leader but maybe you’re just starting out.
You need more guidance on launching a successful live event.
Plugging into Retreat Elite ExperienceMind is the key to unlocking your success

BONUS: How To Close Every Sale Like Pro training & many more…

Investment: Not Available At This Time


The world needs Experience Creators, like you, right now.

It’s time to up-level everything you do because you are growing at a rapid pace.
The Mastermind is your ultimate support system.
We will support the building of your empire’s foundation and beyond.
We will prepare you and your business for the masses who are desperately seeking your offerings.

To get there you will need to be all in.
We need to be honest with you. Lynan’s coaching isn’t for the faint of heart.

We will always love you up AND get you the results you desire.

You need to raise your rates. You need to integrate self-care into your business model and
It’s time to alter your offerings toward the specific wants of your audience. More adundance is waiting for you.

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We’re wondering

If all of the clients you want showed up, could you handle them?

When your business generates all of the revenue you dream of,

You will need the infrastructure to support the weight of success.

Together we will create it. The Mastermind will keep you on track.,
You’ll build your dream in record time.


Focused strategy + business clarity

You’re going it alone because you believe you can only trust yourself.
You are a capable and brilliant creator.
You’ve heard of masterminds but aren’t sure how they work and if this is a fit for you.
Maybe you’ve bought a product or hired a coach in the past, but right now everything is in your hands.
You are ready to be supported. You know there is easier ways to build a company
And you want the keys to success given to you.
You are doing the best you can but your best never feels like it’s good enough.
You’re not sure how to implement all of your knowledge into YOUR business.

Retreat Elite is the answer.

This is an interview only community of experience entrepreneurs.

Like-minded individuals coming together for results + service.

support width=

Get the tools you need

Golden opportunities and potential customers are showing up. But you’re not always 100% prepared.
And the chances to expand pass you by.
You get frustrated, wishing for your big break.
Do you ever think to yourself:
“I should know better. I should know how to do this or handle that.”

Stop beating yourself up. Release the feelings of inadequacy.

You are in the right place.

Let us show you how to claim the money that belongs to you.
You are currently leaving abundance on the table in these interactions
There is an easier way and we’ll illuminate the path.

You do not have to grow your business all on your own. In fact, we don’t recommend it.
Thinking “I can build a multi-figure business by myself” is an illusion.
We are realists. We want your success. We are here to gently dismantle this myth.
You cannot do this on your own. You need a support system. You need the exact steps to make it happen.
You need strength behind everyone of your brilliant ideas.
You need implementation behind every one of your plans.

It takes a village. And we’re reporting for duty.

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Build your complete launch marketing plan with complete access starting July 5, 2016.

6-week Training Journey +
2 One-On-One Deep Dives with Lynan (or an Experience Expert)

Enrollment closes July 4, 2016

Investment: $2997[/feature_service]

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ONE MONTH + Retreat

Experience is the most powerful currency we have. Utilize this opportunity to connect with the Tribe + Lynan and fully embody your retreat business growth. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime retreat! A real special treat at Paz y Luz in the Sacred Valley below Machu Picchu.

6-weeks of Retreat Elite Trainings
+ 2 Deep Dive Session with Lynan (or an Experience Expert)
+ 5 -Day immersion event at The Peru Retreat

Investment: $4997
Limited time offer.

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You may currently have resistance, self-doubt or be just plain getting in your own way.
We believe awareness is the first step to releasing this limited thinking.

All of the ‘mistakes,’ doubts and fears have lead you to here and are in the past. Right now, you have plugged into a power source that every entrepreneur needs to step fully into their greatness. Your past leads to your sensitivity as you impact the world.

What has come before has nothing on what you’re building.
It’s time to make money doing what you love.

You are a experience entrepreneur. You are creating a new offering in the retreat marketplace.

Together, we are shifting the paradigm of business toward humanity. It’s time to serve more people in-person.

It’s time to allow your Retreat Vision into its full reality.

It’s time to generate tons of attention and interest. It’s time to close all of your sales. Its time to host sold out retreats.

Are you ready to step into your greatness? Are you ready to serve the world?

It’s time to leave doubt & fear behind. Your live event awaits.

You are ready now. We’ll show you how.


Still undecided? Want to make sure this is the best fit for you & your retreat?

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Schedule Time to Discuss The Possibilities