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Experience Your Ultimate Ascension & Integration
Quantum Evolution Retreat - Baja, Mexico

April 4 - 11, 2022

You're invited to an intimate transformational gathering
of the Feminine energies for 8 days and 7 nights

Ocean views at The White Lodge at Cabo del Este
in the East Cape on the beautiful beaches of Baja, Mexico
Perfect blue waters of the Sea of Cortes, Sunshine,
Sisterhood, Energy Healing & Relaxation.


Say YES to your soul, immerse yourself in tranquility.

You're wondering how do I let go of my past mistake & hurts and fully thrive?
How do I trust my intuition and the divine unfolding of my life?


Purge once and for all the aspects of your life and being that do not serve you. With powerful exercises and experiences curated to support your journey back to wholeness, you will effortlessly shed your old skin. You will be held by sisters as you remember your power, your glow, and your divine birthright of happiness & joy.

Get away from your chaotic day-to-day, to Go within to activate your Quantum Evolution.

Experience the Evolution & Expansion
Meant for You

Align with Ease while Grounding into the Elements of Central America

"Lynan is a clear, pure, and soft channel, and she carries so much wisdom. What I love most about Lynan is that she teaches you how you can connect to your higher self, how you can do all the things yourself - so you can be empowered. "

Quantum Channeler
& Golden Timeline Retreat Guide
Lynan Saperstein

When you experience the fierce flow of Lynan’s presence, your business and life will never be the same again. She is a soulful, heart-driven serial entrepreneur and experience creator with a passion for energetic clearing and gatherings of magical women. She is honored to hold this sacred retreat container for you.

Our Team

Kacy Kreger

Kacy Kreger is a psychic medium and spiritual coach supporting women in unlocking their intuitive and psychic development and embodying their feminine essence.

Irina Ancevska

Irina is an Ayurvedic therapist, holistic practitioner & yoga teacher infusing western and eastern modalities like neuropsychology, to unearth your truth and find balance.


Panoramic Ocean Suite

These suites can be set up for 2 or 3 people, with a Two-bedroom option, King-sized or Twin-sized beds, with a private balcony/terrace and Aztec fireplace.

Two-Bedroom Cottages offer a PRIVATE room for $3,000

Individual attendee sharing a room, invest $2,500

Special: Two friends attending together, each get a free Spa Ritual!

Double Ocean View 'Hobbit' Suite

These cottages will be set up as doubles or triples, Twin-sized beds, wooden desk, Aztec fireplace and dreamy views of the Sea of Cortes.

Individual investments are $2,500

Special: Two friends attending together, get a free Spa Ritual!

Ocean View Bungalow

A great option for two friends attending together or someone desiring a private room. One king-sized bed, with a private plunge pool and rooftop patio. Staying in this accommodation includes a Spa Ritual Experience or 1-on-1 Channeling with Lynan or Kacy.

$3,200 SINGLE / $5,000 SHARED BED DOUBLE for two ladies

These bookings are the whole cottage exclusively to yourselves.

Experience authentic ancient cleansing traditions


Embody Your New Expansion on a Cellular Level through a potent Temazcal – ‘house of heat’ sweatlodge experience, a curative ceremony used to purify the body, for spiritual healing and health-enrichment purposes.

Designing Your Life by Opening Up through Divine Love, connecting deeply to the heart space through a celebratory Cacao ceremony led by an Abuela ‘Grandmother’ elder, for a sacred medicinal ritual to release negative emotions creating spacious for awakening, revelation, and inner healing.


Your transformational week, April 4-11th, will include but is not limited to these extraordinary experiences and spaces near The White Lodge at Cabo del Este where the retreat will be held. Get excited to dive deeper into your own Quantum Evolution with like-minded soul sisters.

Temazcal (Traditional Sweat Lodge)

Cacao Ceremony

Energy Clearings & Upgrades

Sound Healing

Intuition Workshops

Beach time

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