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Trailblazer Traveling and Hosting Events in Costa Rica

Lynan’s Insider Guide to Traveling and Hosting Events in Costa Rica

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Why Costa Rica?

The first time I visited Costa Rica was in 2011. After serious shifts in my personal and professional life, I was rediscovering my thirst for travel and my need for epic life experiences. What I found in this magical country was a special vortex of energy and a place of healing.

I’ve now visited Costa Rica seven times AND hosted two successful Trailblazer’s Retreats here (with next year’s already confirmed for Costa Rica.) Along the way, I’ve picked up valuable information about traveling and hosting events in this beautiful country.

Whether you’re taking a much needed beach vacation or hosting a retreat of your own, here’s what you need to know about traveling and hosting events in Costa Rica:

Hosting Event in Costa Rica at Blue Osa

When To Go To Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is blessed with a great climate and beautiful weather all year long. Seriously, you can come anytime.

Peak Season (dry season) runs from December to April when there is less rain in most micro-climates. Everything is more expensive this time of year; expect hotels to be fully booked and popular destinations to be extremely crowded.

Green Season (shoulder season) is typically from May to July (and sometimes November- I flew down on Thanksgiving once!). This is my favorite time to travel to Costa Rica as the landscape is lush and verdant. The occasional afternoon rainstorm cools temperatures, yet there is still plenty of sunshine to bask in at the beach. You’ll find great deals on airfare, accommodation, enjoy more peace & quiet, and get to experience the occasional magical sound of the rain as it beats down on metal roofs above – one of my favorite things in the world. When you need to write or create content, cuddle up in a great eco-hotel in the rainforest with great wifi might be the perfect place for creation.


Getting In To Costa Rica:

Costa Rica has two international airports: Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO) in Alajuela (just outside San Jose) and Daniel Oduber Airport (LIR) in Liberia. SJO is the largest airport, but LIR is best for travel to the gorgeous beachy-surf Guanacaste region and bus trips to around the Nicoya Peninsula.

Depending on when you travel, you can score extremely affordable airfare. During Green Season I’ve flown round-trip from California for only $250!


Getting Around Costa Rica:

There are small, domestic airports located around the country. Companies include Sansa and carbon-neutral Nature Air. Flying in Costa Rica is worth it for the views alone – be sure to book your flights for the day! Buses, rental cars and private shuttles are other popular ways to get around. Public transportation is safe and reliable, though it always takes a bit longer than expected.

Stores and restaurants generally accept US dollars, but get accustomed to receiving change in colones. (500 colones typically equates to $1 USD.)

Many locals speak or understand English, which makes it very easy to travel around with only basic conversational Spanish. In my opinion, Costa Rican spanish is the clearest and easiest to understand, which makes this a great country to practice the local language.

Costa Rica’s main economy is tourism. Ticos (locals) love visitors, and they take gorgeous care of the nature they’re preserving. Traveling in Costa Rica remains affordable, but every year it does get a bit more expensive. This is often due to reforestation and preservation initiatives. If you pay more for something that is ‘eco-friendly’, be sure that your money is actually going to something awesome for the planet! That said, Costa Rica is one of the most eco-friendly countries I know of, set to use completely 100% renewable energy sources by 2021.

Surprising to many first-time visitors, the water in Costa Rica is safe to drink from the tap.

Nature Walk in Costa Rica

What To Do:

Hike the volcanoes

I LOVE hiking volcanoes. For you outdoorsy types who miss nature, get out from behind your computers. If you enjoy going off the beaten path, experiencing secluded rainforest and getting your shoes a bit muddy, then climbing a volcano or two is an absolute must.

Arenal Volcano is the most popular choice. Rincon de la Vieja is slightly more rugged and rural, but well worth the effort for its cascading waterfalls and diverse wildlife. Chirripo is Costa Rica’s highest peak; my trek was an epic experience that actually transformed into a memorable soul quest.

Of Costa Rica’s volcanos, 6 are active and 61 are not; I prefer to trek the dormant ones. The active ones are often to cloudy to see much and sometimes very crowded, for example Poas, right outside of San Jose.

Visit the glorious national parks

There are currently 50 national parks in Costa Rica. I’ve heard that every single one is absolutely breathtaking; my personal favorites are Corcovado, Manuel Antonio and Guanacaste/Santa Rosa.

I’m a sucker for Costa Rica’s secluded beaches and lush rainforests. I love that they’re devoid of tourist shops, perfect for a quick dip before a sweaty jungle trek. I love hiking into the middle of the rainforest and pausing to watch the blue morpho butterflies flit by. I love watching the capuchin monkey families that hop from limb to limb overhead. The National Parks are the perfect place to experience all of this amazing wildlife up close and so much more natural beauty.

Have an daring adventure!

However you choose to get your adrenaline rush, Costa Rica is sure to have it – and it’s going to be epic! Ziplining through the jungle canopy, rappelling down waterfalls, mountain biking, scuba diving, and white water rafting are just a few of the popular choices. Whatever your adventure of choice, I promise it’ll be a life-long memory.

Go on a retreat

Dig deep. Getaway so you can go within your soul. Create time and space for you. Yoga, wellness and nature retreats are extremely popular in Costa Rica and ALWAYS well worth the time and money. You are valuable and the investment is priceless. You’ll find yoga just about everywhere, but the most popular venues are in the Nicoya Peninsula, near Nosara. This is also a great surf spots and boasts some of the most breathtaking beaches in the entire country.


Where To Go In Costa Rica:

Though Costa Rica is small, it’s jam-packed with fun and exciting places to discover. Tamarindo and Montezuma are the best choices if you want to catch a wave, immerse yourself in natural wonder and discover cool surf culture. Santa Teresa also has amazing surf but is a bit more rustic and beach-hip. Manuel Antonio/Quepos is the perfect choice for beautiful beaches, cute restaurants and plenty of local Tico flavor.

Hosting Events in Costa Rica

Hosting A Retreat

There are heaps of awesome venues for hosting events in Costa Rica. A bit of research goes a long way, but here are a few of my favorites:

Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa

Blue Osa is remote, but the effort to arrive is well worth the reward. Imagine: no power lines, complete silence at night, a private beach and delicious farm-to-table food. The magical open-air yoga deck provides picture-perfect ocean views and is the perfect spot to enjoy morning sunrise meditation. I recommend booking the entire facility for your group to have all the goodness to yourself!

Pura Vida

Located just outside of San Jose, Pura Vida is easy to get to yet feels worlds away. There are multiple room options with a variety of prices, as well as multiple teaching spaces. Don’t miss the lush spa with powerful healing treatments.

Indigo Yoga Retreat

I have yet to host a retreat at this yoga center in Nicoya, but I do know a dear friend who has. Indigo has an AMAZING restaurant with an owner that knows all of the organic growers in Costa Rica. There are also beautiful practice spaces with aerial yoga.


Again located in Nicoya, Pranamar is known for its gorgeous rooms, amazing staff and delectable Tico-inspired food.

I have only explored Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline, but the Caribbean side is also world-renowned for its yoga and wellness retreats! This blog post has great additional information about some of the retreat centers you’ll find in Costa Rica.
Have you been to Costa Rica? Have you always dreamed of visiting? Sign up to be the first to learn about our 2016 Trailblazer’s Retreat in Costa Rica, a full week of transformational workshops for entrepreneurs that will change your business – and your life – forever!

Lynan Saperstein

One response to “Lynan’s Insider Guide to Traveling and Hosting Events in Costa Rica”

  1. Jan Yatsko says:

    Hello everyone!
    I can give you more of an insider’s view as I have hosted my own art travel journal workshop tours, bicycled most of the country, taught my workshop “Discover Your Inner Diva” in English and Spanish (hint, hint, Lynn), sell my husband’s artisan breads at farmer’s markets (known as ferias)…all in Costa Rica…my husband and I have lived in Costa Rica for the past 16 years and have known it for 21.
    Don’t forget to check out indigenous cultures like the Malekus and the ox cart parades that are keeping traditions alive in a country that outsiders think doesn’t really have any.
    Costa Rica isn’t only beaches; it’s mountains, too. Check out San Gerado de Dota and eat freshly caught rainbow trout or hike the trails to find the enchanting quetzal. It is an often over-looked area. Be adventurous and check out the non-tourist areas. As Lynne says “You can drink the water everywhere!”.

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