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During this magical week that celebrates Love, we approach the holiday devoted to lovers and relationship. I have experienced Valentine’s Day slightly differently than the norm. I have delightful memories of a super fun day when I was a child, creating handmade cards specially for friends telling then I cared about them and thought they were awesome. In my family, it was a day to tell everyone we loved and appreciated them with gifts and sweet treats. I am very blessed to have always felt so much love surrounding me for years and the love continues here. I love all of you, I am grateful for your light, your passion and your Big Factor’s that you are freely sharing with the world with your service oriented businesses. I am inspired and humbled by your greatness each day. Love yourself please. Thank you.

Check in with yourself: Do specific emotions and stories come up for you around Valentine’s ? Feel them, allow them to breath and be aware they exist. Allow these feelings to pass through you. Make space to love yourself this year.

Love Yourself

How a human being cares for themselves is the most powerful form of love. How we treat ourselves is how we are showing others around us to treat us.

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day your challenge is awareness around self-care and self-love. Pay attention to your self-care routine during the day, whether it’s indulgent or non-existent. It’s perfect right now. Entrepreneurs are the main source of energy, creation and ideas for their business. You are the battery that your business runs on. Don’t you think it’s time to care for the main source of fuel? Remember to love yourself the most.

A no-fail tool I use is super easy and extremely powerful. Grab a sheet of paper- draw a line down the center. Write what energizes me and what drains me, at the top. Pour out your heart. Everything that is going on. What is working and feels fantastic, you want more of this and things like it in your life. What is not serving you and helping you to expand and grow. Write everything down, until you can’t write anymore. This list is your new Love Yourself guide.

I travel consistently but my self-care routine hasn’t changed. I always make time to love myself up.

I am consistent in how I care for my body. I know what feels good and what I need. Explore what feels nourishing and indulgent for you. I can’t live without my dry brush ( for daily exfoliating and skin invigoration), coconut oil ( for oil pulling, quick snack or face/body lotion), luxurious organic face wash especially for my skin type ( I useSea Ware), neti pot (breathing clearly is the most important thing for me. I get allergies and sinus infections easily and my neti pot and a bag of special salt are a reliable clearing method)and essential oil (currently have eucalyptus from chile, for breath and alertness. But lavender and oregano are other favorites). The simple steady luxurious are the most powerful, my body has come to expect the daily decadence and I always comply now.

You are a gift. You are a magnificent being who is the source of growth for others. Self-love is not only about self-care physically but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. What nurtures and recharges you? Give to your gift, to expand your abilities and capacity to be your biggest best self. Treat yourself to a massage, a special gift or something you have been yearning for like a vacation, retreat or coaching experience. This week I am gifting coaching sessions, pay as you wish, contribute the value I guide into your life. Email me right now to get a spot, lynan@thebigfactor.com

I am called to serve and help you to treat yourself. When you give yourself what you want, possibilities open up to you that you never saw.

Excited to connect with many of you soon!

What do you feel called to give to love yourself for all you do and to show that deep appreciation?

Share below and let’s inspire one another.

Happy Love Day! I love you and know you will have not only a day but years filled with Loving Yourself ahead of you.

Lynan Saperstein

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