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Launching A Website? 5 Common Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

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Creating a website for your business is a crucial component of establishing your online presence and yourself as a trailblazing entrepreneur in the international marketplace. But all too often, launching a website quickly transforms from an exciting endeavor into a time-consuming nightmare.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Today, I’m sharing the five common pitfalls I see entrepreneurs fall into when launching a new or improved website—and how you can successfully avoid them:

Common Pitfalls When Launching A Website

Pitfall Number 1:

Dragging on… and on… and on…
You say you are working on your website for a few weeks or months, but you need a bit of extra time to pull it all together. Then additional days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and come launch time, there is STILL no completed website to show for all of the time, effort and money!

How To Avoid It:
Don’t let your valuable online real estate remain under construction for longer than it must. PREP your content before reaching out to a website developer. This includes assembling the written copy for your website’s pages- front page, about, offerings, blog; booking a photoshoot or gathering your very best high-quality images; and nailing down the branding and vision for your business- logo, colors, fonts, ready to go. With powerful preparation, you’ll massively streamline the website development process and have a killer website that successfully captures leads, ready in no time!

Pitfall Number 2:

Leading a one-man show
You think you can do it all alone. Between YouTube and Google, you’ll learn how to write amazing copy and continue rocking your business and still have time for the life that you love.

Then the major headache sets in. The personal resistance shows up. YOUR hours of valuable time are lost forever…

How To Avoid It:
Hire a copywriter. I always recommend my clients make it a priority to build this expense into their budget. Trust me, it is SO much easier and ALWAYS worth it to tell someone who is an expert in sales copy what it is you want to say. Otherwise, you could spend needless hours trying to wordsmith the perfect landing page when a copywriter could have done it more quickly and efficiently.

You can hire a copywriter by the hour or purchase a comprehensive package. I always suggest buying at least the front page copy and significant business landing pages, but if it’s in your budget, then consider hiring a writer to craft all of your irresistible content needs.

Pitfall Number 3:

Hiding your juiciest content

You have powerful content and break-through information that your potential customers want to know about. But rather than making it easy for them to discover, you hide your most important money-making pages deep within your website.

How To Avoid It:
Entice visitors to stay longer by making your website navigable and user-friendly. Focus on the space above the fold—that crucial spot BEFORE readers must scroll down to see more. This is where the juiciest content must go to draw in your readers.

Don’t forget to utilize the value of your About Page as well. Be relatable, and focus on the ideal client experience and support that you offer. Your About Page is less about you and more about what your tribe gets from working with you.

Pitfall Number 4:

Forgetting your most valuable asset
You have an opt-in box for visitors, but it’s hidden away in a forgotten corner of your website. Or worse yet, you forgo the opt-in all together! Prospective customers are landing on your webpage, and there is no way for you to keep nurturing a valuable relationship with them.

How To Avoid It:
E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to convert prospects into clients. But it all starts with creating a rockstar opt-in to get people on your list.

Get creative with what you are offering your readers. NO ONE wants to be on another weekly newsletter list. What people DO want is valuable insider tips, special offers, and irresistible freebies. Go above and beyond to provide real value here!

Extra Tip: Remember how you’re putting your juiciest content above the fold? That’s where your opt-in box goes, too.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great opt-in—it’s one of the most valuable assets you have!

Pitfall Number 5:

Playing hard to get
You’ve invested your exclusive time and resources into creating a beautiful and optimized website. You’ve got savvy copy, gorgeous images, and an amazing product to back it all up. But somehow you’ve gotten so carried away with the project that you’ve forgotten one of the most crucial components of a website: your Contact Page.

How To Avoid It:
Make it EASY for your readers to get in touch with you! Include a Contact Page or incorporate contact boxes into your website copy. It sounds so simple, but you would be shocked by how many of my clients fall into this hole (only to realize after launch time that no one could get in touch with them even if they wanted to).


There’s a lot that goes into launching a rockstar website. But don’t let this exciting time in your business turn into one of your worst memories. Use my top tips to avoid the five common pitfalls above, and you’ll be well on your way to building an unstoppable empire!


What tips do you have for launching a successful website?


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