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Each business owner has their own personality type. An introverted personality and extroverted personality types will determine how you show up in your business and in your life.

Introverted Personality Vs. Extroverted Personality Types in Life and Business

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I am still at odds with the introverted personality that I have in my life and in my own business style.
I often think I am supposed to be doing more.
Meeting MORE people.
Doing MORE work…
workshops, clients, emails, events
Out socializing MORE.
I am hardwired from my childhood to have an extroverted personality and to be more

But today I really sunk into my heart space
After a long week of pouring myself out
I love beyond what I believe my capacity is daily.
I hold space energetically
through phone, Skype, email, etc.
for many people.
I love the work I do.
I am grateful to get to do it so frequently
with so many magnificent beings
I love the people I see
and the frequency in which I see them.
I love the quiet of an empty house
with just me in it.
I like to remind myself I am doing as much as I want
or else

Its so peculiar and completely awesome how that works.
We are doing exactly what we want to do.
In the increment we seek.
So the mind is a trickster when we think we
We are actually in the perfect amount.
The precise, quantitive balance space
we ourselves co-created
and manifested fully.

I am am quiet.
I like to go for an introspective walk alone.
I revel in the days when I can be with myself
with my imagination
with my creativity
with my flow.
I do not have to have an extroverted personality style. I do not have to talk to people.
I can just be me. Being Lynan, checking in on her state
MORE frequently in my only current intention.
That self energetic check-ins increase
so I can consciously tap into my intuition
and Source knowledge about where I am,
where I am going
and where I am called to be.

Any other introverts out there? Perhaps newly discovered?
How do you balance the need for alone time
and recharging
and regrouping within the Self?



Lynan Saperstein

2 responses to “Introverted Personality Vs. Extroverted Personality Types in Life and Business”

  1. Two blog posts in a row – you are on a role!

    • Lynan says:

      hahahah We had the big one brewing for almost a week, this one is my heart. In the moment, an honest raw expression of experience. I’m hoping to create a balance between the two moving forward here. 🙂
      Thanks for noticing!

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