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Boost Bookings at Your Boutique Hotel By Hosting Events

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Live Events And Retreats Can Ensure You’re Booked Solid And Maximizing Revenue!

Does your boutique hotel or resort want to maximize your guest booking potential?

Ready to bring in more group bookings starting today?

Want to find out more about how to market your property as a luxury event destination?

By offering unique and outside-of-the-box marketing solutions for boutique hotels, your boutique hotel or resort can attract and contract large group bookings. The goal of all great hospitality marketing is to get you more ‘heads in beds.’  Wouldn’t you love to get your whole property booked out though your marketing efforts? This is certainly better than securing a single guest or single room booking. The simple steps in this article will show you how to draw in multitudes of people from around the globe. You’ll learn just what to do to introduce them to that unique experience that only your property can offer.

In this video, check out three hot tips for turning your property into a highly-coveted destination year-round by utilizing event bookings. One of the more underdeveloped guest marketing areas in the boutique hotel business is live events and retreats. Are you curious about how to attract more interest from yoga retreats, conferences, workshops, weddings, and transformational experiences? Destination events are a hugely growing and popular trend worldwide.  Since this sales opportunity brings in larger groups, it fills up more rooms. It may even fill all of your rooms for the duration of the event. At the same time, it also helps to fill in any shoulder or off seasons because of the pricing available for these bookings.

Watch the entire video now to learn how your hotel or resort can attract more live events and retreats today!

Three Live Events Tips You Need to Know

Do you want to take your boutique hotel or resort bookings to the next level? I was inspired by my recent experience speaking at Unconventional Life Bali at Soori Bali Resort. That’s why I’m sharing the cutting-edge secrets for attracting and closing live events like Unconventional Life, which happens two to three times per year globally. Your incredible boutique hotel can benefit, no matter where you are in the world. However, you have to ensure your property is always delivering excellence in the arena of conferences, meetings, and live events. If you are ready to access your property’s live event potential and increase your booking revenue, keep reading. Here are three key steps which will help you to excel in this rapidly growing market.

1. Think Outside the Box!

Do you have a beautiful deck that retreat leaders can use for a group yoga class? 

Do you have a large space equipped to hold meetings with large groups of people? 

Maybe you have a beautiful garden or lawn area that would take an event planner or retreat host’s breath away. These special spaces can be traditional or completely non-traditional and different. Think about how you can use what you have to offer a unique live event or conference experience.  There is no competition if you have something that only your boutique hotel or resort can offer. A lodge main building with a fireplace can be used for a conference. Similarly, a dock overlooking the water can offer the perfect ceremony backdrop. At Soori Bali, they have a large, grassy knoll where Unconventional Life event erected a tent for meals, opening ceremony, and speaking engagements. It was a breathtaking change of pace from traditional stuffy retreat locations.

The key is to be creative. That’s how you’ll devise and market new ways to utilize the spaces at your boutique hotel. There is always an innovative way to showcase your space in a manner that an event planner or event host will love! And, when they love an event space, they make reservations.


2. Have A Dedicated Staff Liaison for Events

Having a person who works one-on-one with clients and customers for each event can be a huge game-changer. If your hotel usually hosts singles, couples or small groups, having someone in charge of larger groups helps everything run more smoothly.

This job encompasses planning before an event, customer satisfaction during, and follow up efforts that can lead to repeat bookings. Maybe you have someone on staff already who has previous experience in event planning or is a stellar hostess. See if they can step in and put them at the head of your live event team. They can assist with generating leads, closing sales and delivering an unforgettable event experience.

Choosing the right point person to handle every little detail can be an invaluable asset to your boutique hotel or resort. When a group feels that you have truly partnered with them by taking care of all of the important details, their reviews and referrals will drive your live event bookings for years to come.

beach yoga


3. Share What You Have to Offer

That yoga deck? Advertise it! Your gorgeous dining hall or restaurant? Share it! If you have the perfect beachfront or garden for a wedding, utilize it. 

Start bringing these ideal locations front and center when marketing for group bookings, with a dedicated webpage and many, many social media posts. Dial-in on all the highlights and features of the space that make your boutique hotel the perfect destination for the experience that these event customers are searching for. If they don’t know what you have to offer, how can they book it?

By putting your destination out there, you can increase ten-fold plus the business you can bring in. At the same time, you can add to your high season occupancy and fill up slower times of the year with live events and retreats.

Alternatively, another way of getting your boutique hotel front and center is outreach to retreat organizations. Use Google and scrape the web for people and companies hosting live events and retreats. When you let them know that you are available for larger bookings, you never know who will want to learn more!

Take Action Today!

If you need more specialized help, this is where our team comes in. The Experience Experts is a highly specialized group of remote marketing rock stars for boutique hotels and resorts who want to take your property to the next level. Our team can help you to fully revamp your website to convert more traffic into paying guests. The Experience Experts can also take charge of your social media management and ensure it shows off your best assets to increase direct bookings. The team even offer stellar public relations services to get the word out about your hotel. Most importantly, these rock stars can help turn your resort location into a recognizable brand that is booked out all year long.

So, are you ready to take charge of your group bookings for 2019 & beyond and tap into your boutique hotel or resort’s full booking potential? Schedule a Discovery Consultation with one of our Experts today. Our team would love to learn more about your property and your marketing goals. Let’s discuss how we can support you in getting optimal marketing results fast.


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