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How to wake up and finally feel ALIVE again

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How to wake up and finally feel ALIVE again – for good.

Because that’s what you truly want, right?

You want to stop going through the motions, working in a soul-sucking job, staying in an unfulfilling relationship, living in a tired, unhealthy body and always hoping, dreaming, wishing that one day, one day soon, this’ll all change.

But instead you’re just keeping on doing whatever it is you do.

Deep down, you know that something big has to happen. But how and when?

You long for the connections, the relationships that will inspire you to rekindle your dreams and help you realize that there is more to live than the way you’re living right now. But you have no clue where to find these people and how to begin taking the steps to change your life.

When I went to my first conference, I was in a space of feeling frustrated in my marriage, unhappy with my financial situation and awfully lonely because I couldn’t find any people to connect with on a deep and real level.

A conference with a few hundred people sounded just like the event I needed. So I hopped on a plane to the US, hoping for something to change.

What happened in those two days blew my mind and transformed my life forever. I met people that filled me with awe. I saw speakers that brought me to tears. I had realizations that enabled me to face some difficult truths and ultimately led me to take the actions I had been putting off for years.

Two years later, my life couldn’t be more different.

I’m happy, fulfilled, fully booked and surrounded by friends I truly connect with, can talk with for hours without ever resulting in pleasantries or small talk. I can’t wait to open my eyes in the mornings, always looking forward to the day, my work and the change I get to infuse.

All because I made a decision two years ago to join a tribe of people sick and tired of living a conventional life.

When I was asked to be part of the ALIVE in Berlin organizing tribe, I was elated. A conference that would help people to finally come ALIVE again? Hell yeah, it sounded like heaven.


Why ALIVE in Berlin is THE conference to attend this year

I believe that a global gathering in Berlin will transform the lives of hundreds of people, just like it transformed mine. The connections you can make at a conference like ALIVE in Berlin are endless and will last for life-times, of that I’m sure. Attendees will help each other, inspire each other and bring each other back to being fully alive.

Speakers like Chris Guillebeau, Pamela Slim, Sarah Peck and Carl Paoli will make you walk away feeling confident, re-energised and ready to wholeheartedly step all areas of your life up to the next level over the long-term.

Why Berlin?

The people in Europe are different, fresh, excited for a new way of living and a new way of doing. It is time for people from all over the world to get to know the change makers, the inspirers, visionaries and doers of Europe.

Berlin is by far the coolest city in Europe with lots of interesting people being drawn to the vibe, the feeling that change is in the air, that life can be exciting, fulfilling and anything but drab.

Believe me when I tell you that after attending ALIVE, your life will never be the same again.

If I hadn’t made the investment in myself two mere years ago, I’d still be miserable, sick and stuck in old routines. If I hadn’t joined a tribe, I wouldn’t be surrounded by people who inspire me every day and help me live a life that is true to my core. If I hadn’t said yes to myself, I’d still be lost

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, reconnect with who you truly are and let go of the old ways that are holding you back from achieving your own dreams, ALIVE is the place for you to go.

Ready to join us? Sign up here: http://www.aliveinberlin.com

There is an opportunity for three lucky winners to attend ALIVE in Berlin – free of charge, by entering the Alive in Berlin scholarship competition (entries must be submitted before 31st March). So what are you waiting for? Join us!


Anne SophieAnne-Sophie Reinhardt is body-acceptance and self-love coach and writer and the author of Love Your Body The Way It Is. For the longest time, she was caught in a circle of self-doubt and self-loathing. Now, she is free, confident and happy with myself and her body. Her mission is to help you achieve the same. She believes that every single woman can find peace around food and her body. Anne-Sophie dreams of creating a world where women love themselves unabashedly, completely and guiltlessly. She is passionate about showing you that there is invaluable treasure inside you and that nobody has the right to tell you otherwise, that includes your own stubborn self. You can find Anne-Sophie at http://www.annesophie.us/.



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  1. Sounds so rejuvenating!

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