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How to Use Ritual in Your Business

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This week I want to talk about Routine vs Ritual.  I know most of us we don’t like routine, we don’t like monotony.  We don’t like doing the same thing day in and day out and that’s why many of us have become entrepreneurs and small business owners.  So we can create new and exciting days and do stuff everyday that’s different, interesting, and engaging that we’re passionate about.

But I want to bring into your life and your business more ritual.  I love to, and I’ve talked about this in a few other videos, have a morning ritual.  So in the morning, you can have a cup of coffee on your patio and watch the sunrise or watch people go off to work.  Or maybe you have a cup of tea while you make a list of your intentions for the day.  You can also have ritual in the middle of the day – maybe its how you prepare for a client or customer, maybe before a call you write down your ideas and collect yourself or you compose an agenda.  Also, we create rituals around the way we write.  Whether you’re writing blog posts or content or you’re creating something for your audience or your tribe.  We also create rituals around how our business grows. So who we connect with, the types of peple we attach ourselves to whether it is high end coaching or different types of networking and collaboration ideas.

So I really challenge you this week to look at the ways in your life that you might have routine and how you can put a spin on it or reframe it to create ritual.  Ritual creates a sacred space for you and your business and growth. For you to really be following your heart and your bliss as Joseph Campbell said.  So really look for opportunities to create ritual, teach ritual to your teams.  Start off new relationships with clients or customers with ritual and they’ll feel safe and protected and know that they’re being taken care of while they’re working with you and your business.  So look for ritual, create ritual, and deepen rituals that you already have because I promise you it will help you be more focused, more intention-driven, more passionate, more determined and it will help you make more money.  Have a fantastic week!

Lynan Saperstein

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