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sometimes you need to be strong and stand alone when running your own online business.

How To Stop Feeling Codependent With Your Business Collaborations


Standing Alone. How to stop feeling codependent with business collaborations once and for all.

I just fell on my face with a business plan. Again.
Sometimes I need to make the mistake a second time to fully heal the wound. And I am okay with it.
As many of you know, I create and curate the Trailblazer’s Retreat.
I learned the hard way last year that inviting others to create with me doesn’t always benefit me or my creation. It puts a redirect on the precious creative energy elsewhere.
And guess what, I did it again.

I have an Achilles Heel in business.
I love to collaborate.
I love people. I come alive when I am brainstorming with another being (it even says so on my OkCupid profile!).
I believe we are all one and connected. Connection is our natural state.
The magic of surrendering with others. To have other minds, outside of your Self, to bounce ideas off of and flesh out an idea is transformative.

But their is a contrasting side to all of this: My addiction to people.
Perhaps you have this too?
People feed me. That magnetic power of being with another being.
I was put on this planet to serve others, so I am drawn to them.
Like a moth to a flame.
I can easily drift into being consumed by what others think and what others would do in my shoes. The judgemental nature of thought takes over and I worry about how I will do it all, getting fixated on the end result. I become obsessed with future and the way I will complete tasks. Sometimes I make subtle automatic decisions that things will be automatically wrong because I am doing it. I am not an expert.
Essentially I begin second guessing who I am and how I am.
And when you feel this way, you think only an external source can remedy the overwhelm.
You seek ‘collaboration’ for the contracted reason of feeling not capable.
Its a devastating spiral.
This is a sneaky trick you play on yourself and it rarely ends well.

Collaborative work is a crutch.
Don’t get me wrong, support systems in implementation are necessary.

However, we can end up feeling codependent and relying on others for inspiration and direction.

There are aligned, perfect times for thriving on feedback and minds melding.
But what most of us perceive of as collaboration is just a way out of doing it ourselves.
Creating and completing, and perhaps leading, a project all by yourself.
It is time for you to receive.
It is time to soar and find your own way.
Stepping fully into your greatness. And fully expressing yourself and your vision.
By collaborating in this way, you are getting in our own way.

I have found my strength in saying YES to myself completely.
Allowing myself to expand fully into the role I called toward.
Standing up alone to lead a workshop or event can be scary.
Fear grows from the unknown, the uncertainty.
But in the unknown is your greatest potential too.

I realized that depending on others is a BIG OLD SAFETY NET.
Looking for partners, looking outside of myself for stability will never work.
In external validation from others to stand by me,
I never create the opportunity to stand on my own.
Stand and be fully self expressed.
Take full responsibility for a project no matter the outcome.
You cannot let yourself off the hook time and time again. Go as big as you. And huge success will be yours.

Repeat this aloud to yourself:
I am ready. I am awake to my power from Source.
Not only can I do it on my own.
I am supposed to do it on my own.
I am guided.
I can do this.
Watch me.

Standing Alone is an illusion. We think its real that is why we run in the other direction.
We are always co-creating with Source
every idea
every piece of content
every event and program
every single action
Was divinely channeled through you
to serve others
to challenge others
to assist others in their expansion
and to promote your expansion.
Trust the process.
And never be afraid to stand alone.
Because your never will.

How have you been engaging in collaboration in your business? Do you agree that that its time to stand alone?

How do you stop feeling codependent in your business relationships?

Lynan Saperstein

One response to “How To Stop Feeling Codependent With Your Business Collaborations”

  1. Lisa says:

    Great blog post, Lynan! Very empowering information.

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