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How To Prepare Your Business for the New Year – 2014


How To Prepare Your Business for The New Year (And How You Can Have Insider Access to The Big Factor’s complete Marketing Plan)

As this new year unfolds, what is next for your life and, of course, your business, is beginning to reveal itself to you. I can hardly believe it’s already February!

“Everyday is a chance to turn it all around”

Every single day you have the chance to take on a new perspective. If you feel bumps along the way, off course, or perhaps January was a time of deep contemplation – let today be the day for what’s next. Make it happen. Anything.

Ask yourself – “What needs to be done today? What do I want to be doing? What supports my happiness and well-being? What does my business need to grow or generate consistent income?”

There is greatness inside of each of us, waiting to be unlocked and just be seen. And as we all know, you need to channel that greatness and passion into intentions and action.

Intention sets the direction into your life- just like GPS.

I invite you to direct your intentions toward what you are creating, then actions will be clear to you to fuel the creation and implementation processes.

By seeing your greatness and channeling it into your passion, you ensure consistent cashflow for your business this year and for many years to come.

You might be wondering –“How the heck do I channel my greatness?”

Rent, expenses, bills, etc. will always need attention and to be taken care of. So its time to get practical- At TBF (The Big Factor) we always believe in thinking smart and not hard, so we’re never scrambling during the year. I can say from personal experience that scrambling for direction or what do next, especially when money is needed, can be extremely stressful!

2014 is a time for ease.

Two weeks ago, my team meet up in San Diego for our 2014 Business Summit. We discussed 2013, our successes and where we want to learn and expand. We overviewed the new year what we want to put out into the world right now and what our clients & followers have been asking for!

We created THE Marketing Plan to support engagement and building your tribe.

GET YOUR VERY OWN COPY RIGHT HERE for absolutely free!

We decided this information is too good to keep just for ourselves. We are making it available for you for a limited time.

In addition, all of our clients are already using it and have implement these simple guide to set themselves up for their most profitable year ever.

Here is a list of some behind the scenes steps we took during our 2014 Business Summit. Follow them or adapt them for your needs. Get inspiration to create space for massive MOMENTUM and GREATNESS for yourself and your business in 2014:

  • Release That Which Doesn’t Serve You
    We let go of contracted worker that was not a fit for where we are going, and hired new ones who get us, work well with us, and “get” what we are creating next.

  • Get Intern(s)
    We had an application process, interview, selected and are now training our amazing interns. W are setting up a complete team for all of the ways we are growing!

  • Backend systems cleaning
    Tidying up, organization and implement new automated programs to make things easy and smooth and most importantly organized. WORK SMART, not HARD.

  • Review files and unfinished projects from 2013
    Take care of these items now, take care of those things emergetically and financially so you don’t drag them into a fresh start in 2014. Complete them and release. Here at the Big Factor, we reviewed notes from September’s Trailblazer’s Retreat that I found in my notebook and began implementing lessons learned for 2014’s adventure to Croatia.

  • Shift Your Perception
    2014 is about focusing on how to GROW not just survive. This is the perfect year to get excited to thrive and expand your baby. Focus your planning and intentions on how to generate money and when to launch.

  • Be a Tease (Launch Launch Launch)
    Use our masterful Marketing Plan excel to document out how to tease your followers with what is coming. How to demostrate the value in what you offer and how it will add to other’s lives. Here at the Big Factor, we plan our amazing launches and delicious free goodies for our followers. We think sit together and brainstorm & visualize what we will do with revenue and how we will invest next. We get to see the next steps before they are here. We are attracting an ideal 2014 into being by seeing the magical possibilties now.

  • Get Clear About Money
    We recommend hiring an accountant prior to tax season. Do it now don’t wait until the last second. Get the plan in motion, so you can get used to it and ease into the newness of financial planning.

Lynan Saperstein

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