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How To Live In Gratitude Each Day

How To Live In Gratitude Each Day – Thanksgiving 2014

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Thanksgiving 2014: Thankful for Gratitude

Gratitude has become a way of life for me. Learning how to live in gratitude each day has made me open to more success and growth.

I wrote about how gratefulness changed my life last Thanksgiving season, and this year I want to share my experience with gratitude from a spiritual perspective and how its been applied to my growth – personal and in business.

Gratitude is a way of seeing the world.

As many of us know, our thoughts shape our world. For me, an attitude of gratitude surrounds my life each day. Gratitude is like a frame or sacred container for our thoughts and emotions coloring everything we see, hear and feel. Gratitude is my eyes. Gratitude is the energy wrapped around my being. It protects me from harsh words, unplanned events and to see everything as a gift. Being grateful for every moment, for every breath, has taught me that every single thing that is happening in my life is perfect. I see every situation as a treasure, a present waiting to be unwrapped to expand and grow my heart. Gratitude makes what I have enough. Gratitude makes what I am given exactly what I wanted.

Gratitude is a way of being, not a fleeting emotion.

A perspective of gratitude does not mean I’m happy all the time. In fact, I utilize being grateful the MOST when I’m angry, frustrated or out-of-sorts. In those moments, I start listing what I’m grateful for, right in that moment. Because there is often a great deal that is around me and serving me. I take visual cues from where I am, who I’m with and what I’m doing right now. I am supported. I use gratitude as a tool to raise my vibration. When I talk about raising my vibration, I am talking about how when you are fearful or upset, your energy frequency drops. Gratitude is a pick-me-up. Gratitude elevates the moment back to a state bliss. When I make laundry lists of what I am grateful for in the moment, I am carried back to a space where I, not only, remember what I have but I truly feel that I have nothing to be upset about really.

Gratitude is a business strategy.

Many of your know that over the past few years, my own spiritual journey has become the focal point of my life and the service of business. Creating and discovering spiritual business practices is a daily occurrence, and gratitude is a part of that. When I am in a place of gratitude with my life, I can see opportunity. I can see a potential client in need. I can feel a powerful connection that will lead to a referral or a collaboration. I am not stuck in my head, worrying or sad, I am here and smiling. Gratitude and contentment go hand and hand. People want to work with someone with a positive, We-can-do-it attitude. Gratitude can benefit all of your relationship- professional, personal or romantic. Being in gratitude makes you attractive to others, and specifically attracting positive people also in a beautiful space of gratitude.

Gratitude, like everything, is a choice. I am setting the powerful intention for everyone reading this to choose gratitude in their lives. Let it be easy. Let yourself feel all the amazing things in life, even the challenging and not ideal to your mind things. Feeling and receiving every moment as a gift will transform your everything.

Gratitude helps me create and call in a business that is in alignment with my soul’s purpose, with my highest good and highest place of service in this lifetime. Gratitude supports my creation of a life I love, with people I love, with relationship I love that all deeply transform me regularly.

And for that, I’m most grateful.

Happy Thanks-Giving to all of you! A day to restart our practice of giving thanks all of the time. Live in gratitude for each glorious day you get to live.

Also I am extremely grateful for you too. Thank you!

Lynan Saperstein

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