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How to Know Your Biggest Self – Part 4

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I’m bringing you Part 4 of Knowing Your Biggest BEST Self Series.  This is for getting a deeper understanding of what we desire and how to go out there and get it so we can live our biggest life, our best life possible.

Step 4 is a little bit of a challenge, I’m going to warn you.  It is about how we act.  My advice around your actions is to think before you do.  Stop and think before you do.  If you can do this, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it before the greater good? For the good of the community, the planet, my family, for others?
  • Is this in my highest good?
  • Is this going to benefit me?
  • Is this going to help support me in being my best self?
  • Is this going to help me grow or be a better person?

It is an interesting process of asking yourself these questions before you act, before you do something, before you say something, or before you participate something whether it is gossip or something that is potentially negative or doesn’t serve you in growing towards your highest, best self.  And this leads to another interesting question – Is this going to help me grow or be a better person?  When you can integrate this and practice it, it will soon become second nature.  It will just take a split second to know if it will support your best self; the greater good and then you’ll be able to make amazing decisions.  Decisions that are powerful that and are in support of you knowing and being your biggest, BEST self.

Have a good week working on this.  Pay attention to the process this week right before you act, just ask yourself those questions to get on track with your biggest self and lots of doors and opportunities will open up for you.

Lynan Saperstein

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