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How To Instantly Establish Your Expertise With Social PR

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We all want to be seen as the authoritative experts in our field.

After all, no one is going to buy from you if it looks like you have no clue what you’re doing. But how do you establish your expertise immediately—especially when you are just starting out?

Start with “Faith It ’Til You Make It.

Have complete and total FAITH in your unique skills and expertise. Set the intentional direction for your success.

Then, get started with a comprehensive Social PR plan.

Social PR can be glitzy and cool, or it can be utterly terrifying. But I promise anyone can utilize the power of social PR to expand your audience and establish your expertise right now.

What Is Social PR?

When I talk about Social PR, I’m referring to using the Media and Press to get your name and brilliance out in the world. These are FREE (and sometimes even paid) opportunities to share your expertise right now.

If you pitch to the right media, you’ll strategically expand your reach to an already established and targeted audience. Think about what opportunities could arise from press and interviews on high-trafficked publications being read by tons of your ideal clients!

Get Started With Social PR

Social PR

1. Prepare For Success

The first key to Social PR is to create a sacred container for a press/media section on your website. This is a placeholder where you’ll put the logos or links to the sites where you will be featured. Don’t underestimate the potency of setting yourself up for success!

2. Do The Research

My favorite resources for receiving information about press opportunities are HelpAReporter.com (also known as HARO) and SourceBottle.com. Both of these sites allow you to tap into the queries of journalists and bloggers and get quoted as an expert. Sign up on these sites to have free publicity opportunities e-mailed to you.

But don’t stop there! Take the time to research any and all media that already has significant and established audiences—your ideal clients, just waiting for the epic content you have to share.

Places to look include online + print magazines, TV shows, podcasts, blogs, journals, YouTube Channels, etc. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses prefer to stick to online publications, so they get the immediate link back to their website (useful for SEO and finding your services quickly and easily). However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to limit yourself if a fantastic press opportunity offline comes around.

3. Familiarize Yourself With The Publication

Once you have a list of amazing places you want to be featured on, it’s time to take the time to get as familiar as possible with each media outlet. Don’t skip this step—one of the biggest reasons editors turn down pitches is because they don’t match their style, voice, or target audience. This goes for blogs, podcasts, magazines…everywhere. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • What type of content do they publish?
  • What have they already covered before?
  • Can you add a fresh spin or follow-up to an outdated piece?
  • Are there editorial/style guidelines to follow?
  • Do they already have a process in place for reviewing pitches?


This is also a great time to introduce yourself to the editors on social media, specifically Twitter. Don’t be spammy—it’s not about what you can offer them at this point. Instead, comment on one of their past tweets. Add to the conversations they are already having. Provide value immediately. The idea is that if the editor already recognizes your name when your pitch “dings” in their inbox—and you’ve positioned yourself as a likable authority from the start—then your chances of getting published are much greater.


4. Write The Pitch Letter

This is the scariest part, but with practice, it does get easier. Always check on the publication’s website if they already have specific guidelines for sending in an inquiry. Otherwise, here is a basic outline to follow:

 -Keep It Brief

We’re all busy people. You want to capture their interest as quickly as possible.

-Include Bullet Points Of Your Accomplishments

Why are you qualified to talk about your subject matter? Do you belong to relevant associations? Have you provided amazing results to your clients + customers? These are the qualifications you quickly want to ensure the editor knows.

-Make An Irresistible Offer

What is it that only you have the knowledge and skills to share with the world? Get specific, but make it so valuable and interesting that the editor just can’t say no. It doesn’t matter if you’re pitching an article, a training session, an interview or a presentation. Be irresistible.

-Don’t Forget Contact Details

It should be clear and easy to contact you.


If you don’t hear back within a week or two, then send a follow-up e-mail. Often it’s an oversight. Again, we’re all busy people. If you still don’t hear back after following up once or twice, then keep their details for the future and carry on. DON’T take it personally.


5. Keep The Relationship Going

Once you have a relationship with a journalist or editor, then keep the relationship going. Reach out a month later and ask if they need a quote for a similar issue or topic. Maybe they won’t, but sometimes they will. At the very least, you’ll stay on their radar. You can create a long-term relationship with the ones who do get back to you.


6. Be Consistent

Schedule time each week to devote to researching, pitching and following-up with contacts.

Set monthly goals for how many media opportunities you want, and then double or triple that number for how many outlets you need to reach out to.

It’s normal to be nervous when you start with Social PR, especially if you don’t necessarily feel like an expert. But remember, only you have your unique viewpoints and experiences. And there are people out there who are yearning for what it is you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to get out there.

If you’re looking for more guidance into the world of Social PR, then check out my Social PR Mentor, Donna Cravotta. She is the creator of The Total Social PR System, a comprehensive program to build your expertise right now. Donna is amazing, and I can’t recommend her program enough.


Now you’re ready to get started!

Go create that sacred container to display your press features right now. Then follow the rest of these steps, and soon that page will be overflowing with logos and links to YOU around the web.


Have you utilized Social PR to establish your expertise? Where is your dream place to be featured? Share your experience in the comments below!

Lynan Saperstein

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