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How to have UNWAVERING Confidence throughout your life and your business!

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Here’s 4 Easy to Execute Steps that are going to take you from HIDING and SCARED, and not really sure of yourself to being daringly visible, out there, COMFORTABLE & CONFIDENT!

1. Know your worth
Easier said than done, you say? Yes, your WORTH is deeper and requires some soul searching to locate and EMBRACE. Many of us struggle with inadequacy or not feeling that “we’re not enough.”

Write out a LIST of all of the great things about you or your business.
Challenge yourself to make a LONGER list, push to 50 ways. For your business, look at the offerings that SET YOU APART and make your business UNIQUE plus place a dollar value on these items. When doing this exercise with your LIFE, see the great personality traits you have. List all the things that make you- special, caring, compassionate, kind, beautiful! Once you have the LIST, you can always refer back to it. And hold these MAGNIFICENT things close to you! They create your value. All of these items add up to your energetic WORTH. You can even turn these items into mantras and read them to yourself aloud EVERY day. Just so you NEVER forget how valuable you truly are.

2. Believe in YOURSELF
This is the NEXT consecutive step. Once you know your worth, you need to step into a place where you believe in yourself. Believe in your value and what you offer. Believe in what you’re doing. You have to believe that you have something special and unique that NO ONE else in this world has. And that no one else can offer in the way that YOU can. Believe in your BIG why, why you are here and the pledge behind your mission statement, when applying this to believing in yourself in BUSINESS.

3. Set the tone
When you’re walking into a new situation or you’re going to speak with someone, you need to set the tone and control the PACE. Get centered and calm before you enter a new office, building, or event. Take charge of the situation on YOUR terms by grounding yourself before stepping in. Take a few deep breaths before you go to meet that new client, that collaborator. You can sneak off to the bathroom, or just take pause in your car or before opening a new door. You have the opportunity to take charge! Set the tone, the pace, the mood of that new experience or exchange. This is easily applied to places or exchanges that are familiar to reframe and reclaim the tone. Start fresh and get centered before you begin again.

4.  Be prepared
Preparation for ANYTHING is key. And practiced preparedness makes perfect! Be a little over-prepared and have everything on hand for sales calls or for confident, successful client calls. Whatever you could NEED to have in place for that comfort, have it ready and in your recent memory. Sink into the possibilities, and run all of the potential details of your business’s essentials. Practice with your friends or family members to run sales calls or practice new offerings – so you can locate and fill some of the holes that may exist. This is a transformation tip for your life too! Be prepared for anything then no matter what shows up you won’t be rattled. Anything could happen and you will have embraced any adversity you could face. You will have unwavering confidence no matter the person, the situation, or the place that you’re put in. Whatever shows up, you will be PREPARED. Understand where situations could possibly be directed, and be ready.

So let’s remember the four steps:

  • Know your worth
  • Believe in yourself
  • Set the tone yourself
  • Be prepared for anything

Hope these coaching tips challenged you and taught you something new to try this week!

Be sure to share these tips via social media and please comment below if a particular step really hit home for you.

Lynan Saperstein

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