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Q&A – How To Find Your Passion Purpose In Life

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I recently got a Facebook message from a long-time follower of my entrepreneurial journey. Her question about how to find your passion purpose in life and business was so juicy, I decided to start doing a monthly Q&A spot on the blog to advise and share the wisdom of my own life experience.

If you have any questions for me, please PM me or email lynan@thebigfactor.com
I look forward to answering more delicious queries!

Dear Lynan,

I have been following you since the GreenChicPea [ my first business, Lifestyle & Health Coaching] and it’s amazing the empire you have built for yourself. I am having a hard time identifying my passions and goals in life but I do know I want to be an entrepreneur and have my own business at some point. I am not there yet. What would you recommend to unleash that side of me?

love & light to you!


First off, it’s totally normal and typical to be confused when attempting to identify your passions and goals in life. There are SO many options and those of us in the trailblazers mindset want to try everything and more than capable of being successful at anything we decide to put our mind to. I would say there is nothing in particular you need to do. You just need to be with yourself. I know that sound like spiritual hogwash but I am serious. To dig deep, to align with your core values and identify what is my soul’s purpose is not one eureka moment. And often locating your highest good can feel daunting and difficult. Rest assured, it is simple and FAR EASIER than you are currently making it, if it feels ‘hard.’ Your soul’s purpose is light, joyful and effortless. If its hard, stop doing what you’re doing. Start paying attention to who you are Being in the world.

Just so you know I am not a huge fan of the word GOALS. I prefer intentions because goals are so finite. Read on and find out why.

Identifying your passions can be broken down into simple self reflection.

Not long extensive meditative retreats without speaking. Just set aside some quiet time to listen.

A comfy chair, a spot on the beach, a cup of tea, light a candle. There is no ‘right’ way to do this.

Feel into a space where you are relaxed, happy and ready to reveal the secrets of your soul to yourself.

Ask these questions:

  • What do you love doing when you have free time?

  • What do you daydream about?

  • What do people ask you questions or advice around?

  • When do time and space disappeared you’re having such a blissful fun time?

  • When do you laugh the most?

  • Who are the people, communities and parts of the world that make your heart sing and your truth come to light?

  • When do you speak and feels as if the words are almost not your own, they just flow out of your mouth like magic?

See what these questions reveal to you.

Again there are no right or wrong answers.

Everything that flows in, is information. Make sure to have a notebook or pen&paper near by to jot down the thoughts, ideas and images that come to mind.

Many of us want to make purpose or missions these really daunting, scary undertakings because we think we’ll be attached forever. Remember purpose evolves. It is supposed to and it must as that is its natural state. Purpose is in movement, in service and always there to guide your to your highest growth.

My dear friend Smiley Poswolsky says in his Quart-Life Breakthrough book that your purpose is like a story, each part is just a chapter, when you finish that section the next will reveal itself to you. But that there will be foreshadowing, some aspects will repeat themselves, you may go deeper. Some aspects will build on one another to make you more capable of doing bigger and more impactful things. Trust the process. Relax, don’t think too hard. I know people say that, but really let go of control. Surrender to what is your truest and highest path. Trust that all will be revealed to you at the most perfect time. Open your eyes WIDE. Pay attention to when you feel the happiest and blissed out. Keep going back to those places, spaces and people. When time and space disappear and you can’t believe hours or a whole day have gone by while you were enjoying doing something. Keep doing that, there is something there for YOU.

For me this was conversations with inspiring human beings where I could share my whole self without judgement and hold that space for others. I learned about my true self because I actually got to speak my truth without a filter. I also learned so much more about who I was, I was only seeing the surface. These conversations and experiences took me deeper than ever before and I loved every minute. Sprinkling in travel, adventure, community, transformation and marketing, and you land where I am now. But I have let go of control or planning it all out, my business has a bit of a mind of its own. It knows the way, it leads and I follow and give my whole self to the work. The way my business and service looks today – wasn’t where it was when you began following me. It also is not where I will be in a few years, it continues to expand because I allow it to.

I love to close my eyes, and fast forward like a movie or DVR, to the ending. Where am I? Who am I with? What am I doing? What makes me happy? Where and how do I live? What have I experienced?

Where are you headed?

Paint the picture, see all of the details.

Then do everything in your power, whatever it takes to GET to that vision.

Alas, that vision will shift too and so will whatever you are willing to take to GET TO. But keep visioning, keep reflecting and asking the questions. Create time and space for your exploration. And never stop being in action, movement, try something anything to see if you like it and it feels good. Do I want to do this again? Yes or No. Its a choose your own adventure. There is no wrong path. Just starting walking, you will always find your way to where and what needs to be unleashed & shared with the world. Your passions will inspire your work. Because if you are not passionate with all of your soul, you cannot build a business movement that impacts lives and has longevity. Immerse yourself in these questions and simple self reflection. Put all of you in and see what comes out. Whatever develops, I can assure you will be magic and exactly what you’ve been seeking, that was there all along.

Lynan Saperstein

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