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How to Find Balance

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Hola Friends!  I’m bringing you this week’s coaching tip.  A gecko just fell down from the ceiling in front of me, that’s just part of the surprises you get in Costa RIca!

What I wanted to talk to you guys about today was balance.  The balance between life and work.  I know it is something I’ve struggled with and it’s something that you’ve probably struggled with too.  But I found a secret, a root to it that I want to share with you guys.

How do you root yourself?

How do you find your secure, safe, foundation in your life or your business?

It could be a person, like a partner, good friend or family member.  It could be a mantra or a practice like yoga or pilates or going to the gym or running.  It could just be meditation or sitting quietly and journaling.  But find the activity or exercise that helps ground you and connect you to yourself, your human self, your person that you are, the person you want to be.  Connect to them.  Once you’re connected to them it is so much easier for you to move forward with your business and making decisions and figuring out what is a good balance, what is serving you and what isn’t serving you.

Consider this, this week.  Consider the balance you’re seeking in your life and see if you know what your root is.  What is grounding you and keeping you centered and aligned and ready for whatever is coming into your path next!


Lynan Saperstein

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