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How to Find and Meet Your Tribe – Trailblazer’s Retreat

Recently I have been asked about tribes, community and gatherings like retreat. Why even go? What do we need them for? Can’t you get more work done at home alone with 7-days with an online program?The answer is No.The uplifting force of TRIBE can transform your life and business.

Maybe your story is like mine, you jumped ship from the corporate ladder. I knew there was a better life for me and I knew I got to create it. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows but it was mine. I pushed the limits of my comfort zone daily and weekly. I asked for investment/payment for my special skills and talents, and it was SCARY AS HELL.

I connected with others at conferences and networking events. I had to, I needed like-minded souls. I’d have moments of magic, of understanding and of deep connection. But they were fleeting…

I often tell people, I felt like I spoke ‘Japanese’ in my head. My whole life everything I said went through a translation filter and I was never getting to be my true and honest self. Until one faithful night when I met two amazing individuals and we went to tea after a network event and….

I relaxed into being myself. I got to speak ‘Japanese.’ No filter. Just myself.
It was BLISS.


And the best part was they understood and accepted what I said completely. I never felt like I belonged so profoundly. I realized this…this is it. This is what I want, ALL THE TIME surrounding me and my growth.

I created Trailblazer’s Retreat for selfish reasons. I wanted to assemble my tribe, my high vibration, super-multi-talented magnificent friends from around the planet and invite them to invite their friends and so on and so forth. I want to have this force field around me and my friends as much and as frequently as possible.

The tribe that has assembled is beyond compare. Spiritual, business saavy, natural born leaders, intuitive powerhouses, paving the way and illuminating the world everywhere they go and create. Light workers and conscious authentic entrepreneurs from around the globe!

I want to invite you to take a look at the website, fill out the application (SERIOUSLY This tells the Universe you want to make it happen and the Universe will rearrange itself to support you in attending) and schedule time to chat with me. If you are called to this event, I am here for you. I am in a place of complete service, we are creating custom payment plans for attendees, we are doing individual brainstorm sessions and referring them clients to make this event happen for them financially and energetically.

Trailblazer’s Retreat 2014 in Croatia is not for everyone.

But it is a SERIOUS big-time life shifter especially if you have a business that you want to uplevel expand and are ready to share in a HUGE way with the world. If you get clear that this is what you want, put a deposit down to declare you are making it happen. It will happen.

This happened with at least 3 participants last year. The money just showed up because they wanted it.

The energetic magic of Trailblazer’s lies in community. And community begins NOW. Instant life-long friendships will develop, as we deep dive but have a blast doing it together, on the beach, in a gorgeous amazing villa!

Gathering these influencers, innovators and dream-chasers in one place is like the equivalent of lightening strikes multiple times daily in a bottle for ONE WHOLE WEEK. 7 amazing days in paradise, let’s make it happen together. I have from a bunch of you that this is on your radar and you are called. If this speaks to you message me, comment below, ask questions, set the intention, let us support you in making this manifestation a reality.

If you are asking for community, for your tribe, your support system.
Trailblazer’s might be for you and I will hopefully see you in May! xox

Apply today, no strings attached. Just let us and the Universe know you are in.P.S. Did I mention that the retreat price INCLUDES a photoshoot with Australian genius Photographer Daniel Shortt who took this gorgeous shot of the ladies last year!?!?

Lynan Saperstein

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