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How to Evaluate Your Week Entrepreneur! Use these Friday Follow-through Coaching Tips

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Hello Friends!

This is a BIG exercise that you can utilize (and I highly recommend you do!) EVERY week to check in on yourself and your business to see how your week went. Follow these simple 5 steps to EVALUATE your week in a BIG productive way! When we take pause to raise our AWARENESS, we are more powerful in creating future ACTION steps.

Take a deep breath and begin.

PERSONALLY: Ask yourself – How am I feeling? Did I get enough sleep? Was I eating well? Did I take care of myself amidst work and stress? Think about how you treated yourself. Make note of your SUCCESSES in self-care and where there’s room for improvement. When you are taking impeccable care of yourself, your business and life BENEFIT too!

BUSINESS: Go through your daily calendar from the week past.  Did you connect with any amazing NEW CONTACTS? Recollect the people that you need to follow through with. Identify the people that you could collaborate with or who could become an ideal customer or even a client. Send or schedule emails, phone calls or coffee dates to grow these BIG connections. How is your business doing? Check in on your stats! Check in on your number of Facebook followers, Twitter followers, etc. Look at your open rates on your Ezine or newsletters. Find out how many website hits you had! You can keep track on a excel sheet or using various program. Chart your PROGRESS so you can visually see your SUCCESS getting BIGGER.

It is ESSENTIAL to check-in on yourself and your business, at a minimum, WEEKLY. Take this time to slow down and evaluate all that has transpired during the past week – good or bad, new or old, easy or challenging. Try to schedule this EVERY Friday in your calendar, so it can become routine and fuel the GROWTH of your Big Factor.

2. Check-in on your WEEKLY INTENTIONS
Here at The Big Factor.com, we love Monday Motivation. We love to kick off our week with inspirational and motivational quotes that gett us excited, moving and IMPLEMENTING for our BIG week to come. Hopefully you decided on some great ACTION STEPS for BIG things to happen this week

REFOCUS. Were you following your intentions during the week?  Were you focused, were you letting your intentions guide you?  Think of INTENTION as the GPS of your life! If you plug in that that intention as a final intention for the week, did you follow it? Are you on track and hitting that TARGET that you plotted earlier in the week? You will know you are headed in the BEST direction for your growth when you are GUIDED by INTENTION.

3.  Find what WORKED WELL

  • SUCCESSFUL LEADS:  What is going to generate money?  What is bringing in interest, website hits, clicks, and sales? 
  • ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: What is potentially NOT working?  Figure out what can be BETTER.  With more FOCUSED attention and energy, you can GROW an idea or project towards SUCCESS.  Find what needs some TLC next week or in the coming weeks to improve upon and become even MORE successful and perhaps even PROFIT GENERATING.
  •  FAILURE DOES NOT EXIST.  Everything can be IMPROVED upon. Failure is only when we stay DOWN. If something is not going well, “mistakes were made” or any BIG FEARS are creeping in, this is the time to pay attention to them.  Mistakes are LESSONS and calls for ACTION. Nurture fears & MISTAKES and take care of them so they’re no longer CONTROLLING YOU. Identify your blocks or why you are STUCK through these signals.  Fear and MISTAKES occur so we will address, pay attention to and given some TLC for RELEASE & to move on effortlessly. 

4.      CARRY OVER
What is going to be carried into the next week?  Identify a project that you began but that still needs some more TIME, ENERGY & CREATION or help from your support staff.  This is okay, MOST projects need time to GROW and EXPAND. What can you think of that is coming with you to next week or going onto your monthly list?

5.      YOUR BIG WHY
Check-in and touch base with your BIG why weekly!  This exercise will ground and ROOT you. Ask yourself WHY am I here? What are my INTENTIONS with my business + life?  Find out where your PASSIONS lay, let them direct you.  They are a touchstone. Do you know where you are headed?  What’s that DREAM DAY that you’re headed toward?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then I highly recommend you head over to The Big Factor.com and sign up for your very own Reveal and Accelerate Big Factor Guide.  Within the guide you’re going to do my FAVORITE exercise, The BIG Dream Day.  Everyone that has been doing it lately has just been blown out of the water and is getting in touch with their greatness and their potential and their true purpose here in this life and getting so focused with their business. 

I love working with focused and passionate entrepreneurs so my goal is to help create more and more of these coaching tips.  ENJOY these amazing Friday Follow-through exercises.

  1. CHECK-IN on yourself + your business
  2. Focus back in on your intentions for the week
  3. What’s working? What’s needs improving?
  4. Survey the scene for next week or 30 days goal list
  5. Touch base with the big why
PLEASE share below if any of these tips spoke to you and about your progress with these Friday Follow-through tips as the weeks go by!


Lynan Saperstein

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