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How to Build Strength for Success

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Hola Friends!  Greetings from Costa Rica

Today’s coaching video is around strength, building and maintain strength in your life and your business.

  1.  Tapping into your support: Look at your support systems.  What activities support you?  Touch base with them on a weekly or even daily basis.  Call your support system people – the ones who believe in you no matter what!  Tap into the resources that are a source of strength for you and your vision.
  2. Journal and visioning: Create your BIG vision!  (Be sure to check out the Reveal and  Accelerate Guide if you haven’t already)  This is a source of strength for you.  When you know what you want, where you’re headed, and where you’re going then that is a source of strength, stability, and a foundation for you moving forward.
  3. Sharing: What are you sharing with the world?  How are you being of service?  How are you telling people about your BIG vision?  How are you telling people they are a source of strength for you?  When we share our strength, it grows and expands.  Sharing makes it bigger and bigger for not only us but also others.
  4. Implement: Set an intention and create a plan that we then make happen!  This is a tough one but an amazing source of strength and expansion for us.  Make the intention or plan a part of your reality.

This week I challenge you all to find your sources of strength and use these tips to build it up!

Lynan Saperstein

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