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How to Be Seen as an Expert in Your Field


How to Establish Your Expertise

We all want to know how to be seen as an expert in our fields. And the answer to this question, is similar to most of my answers. It’s marketing. Marketing is everything. It demonstrates your expertise (even if you don’t feel like an expert yet.) Marketing your expertise is about “faith it until you make it.” Trust and have faith in your skills, talents and experience. And these intentional directions will allow you to be SEEN and KNOWN as you grow into the ultimate expert in your field that is possible with your knowledge and gifts.

Establish Your Expertise Through Positioning & Focus

Put on Your Blinders: How focused are you?

How to be seen as an expert in your field is HAVE A NICHE. Have you zeroed in on yours with your marketing?

As my newest mentor Shanda Sumpter says: Broad is broke, niche is rich.

Be known for one thing, so there’s no confusion. I wrote an article a while back called Jack of One Trade is The Master of the Marketplace, and it still rings true as I have narrowed my niche as a marketing strategist for trailblazing entrepreneurs. For example, my dear friend Mike Hrostoski is “The Men’s Coach.” He is known for exactly what he does- being the best at coaching men. You can often further dial in exactly what you want to do with taglines, titles or specific results. Develop the names of your offerings, so programs, packages, events or products will sell themselves when they are specific and position you as an expert. Make it easy for people to know what you do, so you’re effortlessly the expert and then your product or service is the obvious purchase.

Position: Omnipresence means people see you everywhere around your topic as an expert.

BE EVERYWHERE as much as you can, but don’t spread yourself too thin.

As I advise my clients: pick one mode of marketing or social media and master it before you move on to others. Focus your energy, focus your time and mastering in that area will reap the benefits. When you give yourself the space to be show your brilliance, instead of trying to do everything, people notice. And when they notice, they’re more likely to buy.

Advanced Marketing Tip: Posting Facebook ads and consistently creating accessible free content (blogs, pdfs, training calls, etc.) help with this. Facebook ads are a financial investment, and I recommend expert guidance to create and track optimal ads. Regularly blogging and developing high-value content, webinars or trainings makes your free goodies available and devourable on a regular basis. Your followers are more likely to share if you consistently create amazing, juicy content that they really want and need. Plus, if a potential client misses one, they’re sure to catch your next piece of amazing content if you continue to publish.

Community: Consider who you associate with.

Your tribe, your resource pool, the networks at events you attend and the people your followers know are in your life. They influence you, and you influence them. Are these communities aligned with your positioning and focus?

Establish Your Expertise Through Strategic Content Placement

Blog Posts. Videos. Online Content. Books. Collaborations.

Creation is only the beginning. Your expertise needs to be seen in the right places. Take inventory:

  • Who is sharing you?
  • How are your ideas formatted?
  • Who do you collaborate with? Are they aligned with the community you’d like to reach?
  • Are you a guest contributor? Where can you share your expertise in guest articles on a high-trafficked website?
  • Have you written an ebook? – They’re the new ‘business cards,’ allowing potential clients to get to know more about your niche, experience and expertise. Also it still looks impressive when you have written a book!

Demonstrate your expertise to others, especially connections with influence.

Write guest posts on other blogs, offer to be interviews on podcasts and websites and secure feature placement in summits or with speaking opportunities. Get people sharing your ideas and raving about the awesomeness of the high quality content you create.

Establish Your Expertise Through Social PR

Once you’ve created a focus and content, be seen and known as an expert online and in the media.

(There’s so much more info and advice around this topic, but this is a solid introduction.)

My Social PR Mentor is Donna Cravotta, Creator of the Total Social PR System – the most powerful tool to build expertise right now. Donna’s system shows you how to rock social PR from A to Z and provides her expert knowledge and support.

First Step to Social PR: Plan your approach and put together a pitch letter.

  1. Connect with the the blog, influencer or company you’re looking to reach out to on their social media channels. Do some research to show you understand and align with their brand and mission.
  2. Introduce yourself in a pitch letter, including bullet points of your accomplishments and what qualifications make you an expert & stand out. (eg: you lost 150 lbs with diet and exercise, you are a member of the National Speakers Association, whatever you want to make sure they know.)
  3. Make an offer to share X knowledge that only you expertly can with their followers/readers/viewers. It could be a training session, a presentation, an article about X. Get specific – cater your offering to that audience to again stand out and be irresistible. Make it so they can’t say NO.
  4. Make it very clear and simple how to contact you.
  5. Follow up if you don’t hear back. Sometimes it’s an oversight, or they got busy. DON’T take it personally. Keep in touch for the long game too.

You need the foundation of great focus, content and positioning to leverage Social PR. You also need a rockstar website that captures leads when you get press and interviews on high-trafficked blogs or on TV. (Don’t wait until after you get press to make your site shine – you could miss out on serious opportunities.) The first steps of this article are an essential to-do first.

Social PR is glitzy and cool, but you need to establish your brand and expertise before shouting from the rooftops.

How are you planning to establish your expertise in the coming months? Make a commitment, and start today – share your focus and plans in the comments.


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