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how to afford international travel retreats

How to Afford International Travel, Retreats Or Anything Right Now!

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How to Afford International Travel, Retreats (Or Anything You Might be Wanting) Right Now!

The first step is MINDSET:

Believe you actually can and will make the money needed for the international travel and retreats of your dreams. Set your brain to the frequency that says you can easily afford this retreat that says the money is flowing freely to you. Trust that the money will show up when you need it or whatever amazing opportunity you need to make it happen, and remind yourself regularly that you’ve got this.

Believe it.

  • See yourself at the retreat, participating in its in the fun activities, having life transforming breakthroughs and relaxing by the pool.
  • Visualize yourself having $XXXX in your bank account so you can effortlessly make the deposit, easily purchase your flight and flow right into making the final payment.
  • Know without a shadow of a doubt – that you’re capable of making this retreat a reality, even if it seems impossible right now.

You must set the powerful intention and say to the Universe “YES, I want this, and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Please support me in making this easy and fun.”

And so it is.

Let go AND trust.

Let go of attachment, or expectations about the future: it will be awesome if you go to the retreat, but life will continue being amazing even if now is not the time. Letting go is a step so you don’t obsess over the details and lose yourself in them. Setting an intention doesn’t mean the retreat, or large expense, has to happen or else the world will end. It’s simply a way of showing the Universe that we’re ready to achieve a goal. You can and will make it happen.

So get clear – “This is what I want, and I will be able to afford this international retreat by DATE X.” Set the date. Put it on the calendar. Tell others. Put the deposit down or sign the contract. Promise yourself that it is, in fact ACTUALLY, happening. Stop at nothing, if this is what you really want.

Still waiting for the Universe to show you the money? Create a List.

My #1 way to hustle and make affording an international retreat EASY is a simple but extremely efficient exercise: Create a 50 Ways to Generate Revenue list. I always share this idea with trailblazers interested in attending one of my transformational entrepreneur retreats.

Center yourself, calm your breath, and come from a place of calm and trust. Then begin a list of ways you can create cash RIGHT NOW.

Often we have money sitting right under our noses but we don’t realize it’s even there.

  • Look around your house or apartment for things you don’t use and can sell
  • Find items you’ve been meaning to return to the store
  • Collect money from someone who owes you (whether you lent it to them or it’s for services or a product.) Take an hour today and write those emails.
  • Call or email potential contacts or clients you lost touch with, reconnect.

Make you 50 Ways list. Think of ways you can easily make money right now. List 50 – yes ALL THE WAY TO 50. Keep going until you have 50. Your brain will have to stretch, your imagination will expand wide open to see what’s possible and what you’ve been overlooking. Implement the TOP 5 (the ones you are EXCITED to make happen now), and after that, implement another 5, until you have the cash you need to pay for the retreat, flight, or anything else your heart desires right now.

I highly encourage all of you to post the TOP 5 you are committing to implementing in the comments section, to inspire each other and hold one another accountable for greatness.

A huge piece of this 50 Ways list is to keep MARKETING. Ways to generate income can come from a new workshop, re-branding an older product or keeping up on your business promotions. Never stop, because marketing your business and offerings today could bring you money tonight, tomorrow or in 6 months. You never know exactly when the abundance will make its way to you, so open all the doors and windows so it can get in. It will always arrive just when you need it most

Heat Up Warm Leads and Cool Connections

Do you have potential customers or clients out in the ether, waiting for you to close the deal? Reach out. Check on them. Reconnect and make the sale.

I don’t always recommend this, but consider running a special price for full investment clients in the next few days or week. Tip the scales, and get a potential customer who’s on the fence to say “yes” to what they want and help you increase the size of your bank account.

Even for those who aren’t ready yet, continue to follow up and keep those connections warm as they wait for the right timing.

Leave Money on the Table – Brainstorm New Services

One of my high-end marketing mentors, Fabienne Fredrickson, has said this is the main difference between people who make 6 figures and those who make 7 figures in their business. I say it’s the difference between the people who make consistent income month in and month out, and those who don’t.

  • Are there add-on services you can offer to clients? Services they are craving.
  • Are there additional products they need, that you can get affiliate commission on?
  • Are you already promoting products you love and don’t yet have an affiliate link?
  • Could you assemble your blog content into an ebook and put it up on Amazon?
  • Do you have tons of amazing content on your laptop or in emails that could be made into an info product? Maybe you even have a product created that you never launched or launched once years ago. GET IT OUT THERE for purchase!

What opportunities are right in front of your eyes, that you’re not yet seeing? Look close, and ask around for opportunities to generate income.

Create Several RELIABLE Streams of Income

The day and age of regular weekly paychecks are gone. Take full responsibility for generating the income, calling in the abundance to live a life you LOVE. You get to create your world, your lifestyle, your job and your income streams. How can you bring in money? How do you want to make money? What streams of income flow easily to you? (This one is key.) What is another way you can easily make money, that you might be neglecting? Are you a yoga teacher who could pick up some extra classes? Are you crafty and make jewelry you could put up on Etsy?

Get creative. And make sure there are multiple ways for abundance to make its way to you. On a regular basis to support your dreams of international travel, retreats or any investment that will catapult your growth.

Good Luck & Share Your TOP 5 Ways to Generate Revenue in the Comments for Accountability

And reach out to us about your income generation! Let me know how I can help or support, as you attract the abundance you need to afford your next international retreat (or anything your business or life needs right now.)

Lynan Saperstein

4 responses to “How to Afford International Travel, Retreats Or Anything Right Now!”

  1. Julie Gorges says:

    I love to travel and hate to market, but your article had some great ideas. My blog has opened up doors as a freelance writer and now I blog for other people as well. And I am planning an ebook in the future as well. Thanks for the inspirational article!

    • Lynan says:

      You’re so welcome Julie! If you hate to market then you’re in the right place. We teach how simple, fun and POWERFUL marketing can be step by step. Welcome to the blog!

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