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How to Figure Out If Your Hotel Is Hiding From Ideal Guests

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“Advertising brings in customers,
but word-of-mouth brings in the best customers.”
— Jonah Berger

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I stumbled upon this quote several months ago. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. Seriously, it was a whammy.

In the travel and transformational retreat world, we love marketing and advertising. We lean heavily on the power of possibilities online. This quote knocked my socks off because it was a pattern interrupt.  You cannot pay for the most potent ‘marketing’ available to your boutique wellness hotel or retreat center. I remembered how powerful word-of-mouth marketing always is. Big time. Not only was I hiding and not leveraging support from my superstar best customers, but I was hiding my business and not marketing The Experience Experts.

I wasn’t showcasing and sharing my offerings with the world to make sales and create revenue.

And I always preach to my clients to be daringly visible and I was not taking my own advice. [Occupational hazard.]

But my awareness helped me to see it, and once I saw it I owned up to what was going on. I was spending my precious energy on deliberately keeping business, clients, opportunities and growth away.

Let me tell you, it was happening and I was feeling it. In my bank account and most importantly, in the way I felt about myself. My big gifts, that I was born with and have cultivated and cared for over the years, spending years and investing thousands of dollars into, were just sitting still inside me. Doing a whole lot of nothing. Nothing. Unused.

But I didn’t get stuck there. No way Jose, I was inspired into action. Action to put more into my marketing and business.

A sun-dial belongs back in the sunshine. I knew my talents were created to be utilized, given, experienced. The things I ‘just do without thinking about it’ were designed to be shared with others.

So begin asking yourself: Am I hiding?

1.  First step, like with any limiting behavior, admitting you have a problem. I know we all want to think, “But I’m out there and I’m trying everyday.” That’s baloney! If you have time to talk about ‘trying,’ you are probably hiding. And every single one of us is hiding our talents in some way and can always take on the challenge of being bigger.

So say it with me. “I am hiding. I am hoarding my gifts. I have a problem.”

2. Don’t fret my pets, awareness is powerful. It can transform your world when you start to see when and where you are hiding your boutique travel property . If you see the hiding, you have a choice. You don’t have to hide anymore.

Make a declaration. Say it out-loud.

“I will be seen. I have talents that were made to be utilized to my benefit. I will use my gifts to help my business grow.’

3. Think, journal, meditate, talk to trusted mentors and friends about your talents. Figure out where you are hiding your skills the most. What is your biggest talent that you aren’t sharing? What aren’t you telling the world about? Once you’ve got that, it’s your golden ticket.

Write it out. In gold calligraphy, print it out BIG & BOLD in a Word doc or jot it on a post-it note, front and center on your desk.

4. Tell everybody, the check-out girl at the supermarket, the doorman, your Starbucks barista, your best friends, your family, everyone about your golden ticket. This amazing diamond that is all yours needs to be shown off. Admired. Loved. Your big gift that you were put on this planet to share with the world needs attention. Give it wings and I promise you will see it fly!

Scream it from the rooftops. “I am most happy when I’m working on {INSERT Golden Ticket}.

I love to do this and this. I feel so alive when I help with that and that.”

In the aftermath of this cracking open, freedom from hiding & exposing my big gifts, something miraculous happened. The Experience Experts was born. When I realized I am a locator of light & sunshine for my boutique hotel or resort clients, I needed to stop hanging out in the shade. I could no longer hide in the shadows when I have a bright light to give to the world.

Lynan Saperstein

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