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How Braintstorming Can Take You ONE Step Backward Instead of Forward with Your BIG Business

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Too many BIG ideas can distract and deter you from BIG success.

Try these tips to keep your progress in the forward direction!

1.) Figure out the ONE THING that you do best in your business.

Focus your energy around that and keep your brainstorming centralized on that ONE BIG THING.  Use the thing that you LOVE to do brainstorm around.

2.) Be the BEST at your one thing.

Present yourself to potential clients accordingly. Use social media, marketing, in testimonials & case studies to set yourself apart from the rest because you are the BEST. This eliminates competition.

3.) Expand your CRAFT.

Now that you’ve identified your ONE BIG THING and you are representing yourself on your website and in networking as the BEST, your next step is…GETTING BIGGER AND BETTER.

Read books, go to workshops, join a mastermind, hire a mentor. Position yourself for BIG success with continual learning and growing, so you can best serve your audience AND maintain your TOP status as one of the BEST (or the VERY BEST!)

Use these three tips to avoid overbrainstorming and find the answers to these critical questions:  What do I do best?  How can I do it better? How can I represent myself to everyone so that they can really SEE me?

Comment below and share your BIG ideas on how to use brainstorming as a tool and NOT as a distraction!


Lynan Saperstein

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