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A Business Retreat That Can Transform Your Life – The Trailblazer’s Retreat

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No words that can fully express an experience,
an interaction, a friendship, a perfect moment,
or a magical week of  retreat transformation.

My passion project is the spiritual business Trailblazer’s Retreat, and I just had the pleasure and honor of leading the second one in gorgeous seaside Split, Croatia.

I created this live event out of a selfish need and desire to gather with my tribe in unique business retreat locations. My kin. My people. At least once a year to getaway and to go within.

First and foremost, collectively we share ourselves, our businesses, our beliefs, our mission and our purpose, what we’re working on and where we’re at so we can ask for what we need. We leave our baggage at the door and together we release blocks that are in our path. We show up 100% fully and express ourselves completely.

Our shit comes out. Our resistance rears its unsightly head. We feel what is holding us back.

Sometimes we cry. Sometimes we vent. Sometimes we just let go.

And our new best friends, the other attendees, entrepreneurs from around the world, and the hand-selected workshop leaders are all OUR POWERFUL MIRRORS. They reflect our light, our GREATNESS and our ability to grow back toward us. This is the greatest gift of the global Trailblazer’s Retreat.

The community.

The juicy delicious amazing human beings who join you for the full week immersion and business retreat. They alone will shift your existence.

Trailblazer's Retreat Collage

I attempted to let pictures tell you the story of this powerful week at a villa on the Adriatic,
but the collage was getting excessive, I was literally using every glorious photo to show the unique business retreat location.
(I still might make one of those once Daniel Shortt sends me the rest of the 4000 photos he took)

I just checked in on myself. After the one week life-changing experience. My heart is full. Overflowing in fact.
I broke down in sobs after our final Trailblazer Releasing/Igniting Fire Ceremony and the only words I could get out were,
‘I am so blessed.’

The week was not easy for me either. People have this illusion that coaches, thought leaders, spiritual shamans and retreat hosts have all of our shit together. We are not perfect. We are doing the best that we can all the time too. We can still kick ass while we process.

As a coach and leader I have many tools, awareness and many powerful experiences under my belt. But I am always in the trenches with you. With my tribe.

Trust me. I felt anger, frustration, my own ‘demons,’ ‘blocks’ and resistance to my own expansion come up. But I use what I teach on a daily basis.

I was reminded of my humanity and how much deeper my service has gotten and is still going to become.

I was challenged and invited to cut through the tension and get to the heart of it. Share my mission. Uplift with my message. Remove my ego and just serve. I was present each day, moment to moment. I am a teacher and I am a student.

There is now deep rooted and powerful, AWESTRUCK gratitude in my soul
for the Trailblazers who bravely made the trek to Europe.
They inspired me every morning when I looked at their gorgeous faces for morning workshops

where we sunk into our bodies, breathed completely and were present with our current experiences.

And an adventurous thanks for being in the glorious stunning seaside city of Split & our villa in Podstrana.

[Ohh did I mention of 200 degree full view of the sea on every floor of the villa? Divine.]
For all of  those who showed up fully, being raw and open for feedback.
For turning their work into play for a week
and making life-long friends.
For experimenting and sharing wisdom with one another.

It literally brings me to tears of JOY again
when I think of all that was released as it no longer served us
and what was CREATED in its place
Movers, shakers and change-makers.
The Trailblazer tribe is growing and illuminating so much darkness
first within ourselves and then out into the world.

To co-create these events
To share my experiences and the teachers I believe in
To be a student as well as a teacher.
To put myself into a place of complete service
so we can come together
to connect
strengthen the COLLECTIVE
and serve together in the biggest
and most potent way possible.

I wish my words could express the magic of a week.
The magic of a sacred container.
The magic of the dreams we shared.
The magic of those sunsets, the blue water,
the friendships forged and the feeling
of returning to yourself
and saying I AM WORTH IT.

You just have to be there to understand, to feel and to experience the MAGIC.

Cheers to a week of transformation and magic.
And see my Trailblazers really soon! xox

Trailblazer friends who couldn’t make it to Croatia, Make sure you’re on the mailing list for goodies between now and the next one, and to get the announcement as soon as our 2015 Costa Rica dates are decided –> Head over to the website to STAY CONNECTED!

Lynan Saperstein

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