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How Does Your Boutique Hotel or Resorts Measure Up In Online Reviews?


How Does Your Boutique Hotel or Resorts Measure Up In Online Reviews? – Infographic about Online Reviews for the Hotel Industry

Do you know how your boutique hotel or resort performs on hotel review websites? 

How many positive reviews does your property have on the internet? More importantly, are you aware of the negative reviews of your hotel on websites like TripAdvisor, Facebook, Booking.com, Expedia, etc.


Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the practice of managing your hotel/brand’s online image and presence. Whether you can track it or not, potential customers do intensive  searches about your hotel and check out your hotel’s online reviews before making a booking for a stay. Online reputation management for boutique hotels and resorts can be explained as a process of influencing, monitoring and managing the way your brand is being perceived throughout the web, specifically through reviews, listings and your hotel website.


To ensure a relaxing and luxurious stay, future guests may leisurely check your online reputation through review sites. Business travelers often explore your social profiles more seriously to pre-confirm a hassle-free stay in your boutique hotel. They tend to be looking for reviews and comments that speak about property’s excellent customer service and amenities to support them. Your hotel’s online reputation tells how successful you are as not only a brand but it’s very helpful for your potential and booked customers in many ways.


Star-rating of boutique hotels reflects the quality of your hotel services, your online reputation, and the majority is influencer by customer experience. The main intention behind online reviews is to document the highlights of your boutique hotel through the eyes of a real guest in their voice. As you accumulate more and more reviews you earn a favorable reputation for your boutique hotel while also reducing the possibility of negative publicity through management of those less-happy guest reviews.


According to a recent survey:- More than 90% of people consider online reviews of hotels before booking their stay; and more than 50% of customers said if the hotel didn’t have any online reviews, they would not consider booking hotel. In today’s digital, social proof-driven world online reviews guide us and star-ratings can make or break a boutique hotels bookings in no time.

While online reputation management (ORM) may seem like a simple, seemingly less-important task to do for your hotel, the reality is quite the opposite. With the explosion of many online review sites (and more launching every week!) and tons of social media applications adding review features like Facebook, managing your hotel’s online reputation has become an essential and time-consuming task. The Experience Experts recommend scheduling time at least once per month to search through reviews sites, if not more – two to three times per month for larger properties.


Following a strategic plan of action for regularly, ideally monthly addressing and reading through the recent reviews of your boutique hotel online, will help you in successfully managing your hotel’s online reputation in the long run. To know how you can do this enjoy the below infographic share with us from Maiden Stride.

Lynan Saperstein

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