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How to Know Your Biggest Self – Part 2

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Part 2: What Matters Most to You?

This is another free writing exercise.  I want you to think about what is really important to you.  What do you hold really close to your heart?  What issues, causes, values matter?  Is there a certain way that people act that you hold really important to you?

What do you hold true in this life?  What do you believe or have faith in?  Without proof or evidence?  This is when we start talking about belief systems.  What is your belief system?

This is something you can revisit these questions at different junctures at your life.  You can come back to this every month, every 3 months or 6 months or just once a year.  But, you’re looking at what matters most to you right in this moment.  What do you believe is most important to you and the lifestyle that you’re living and creating?  What is the most important to your business and its growth?

These all make up your core beliefs so you can get to know those in a deeper way and know yourself.  When you’re touching base with your core beliefs, anything you create will just soar.  You know who you are and you know what you believe in.  You can live in authenticity and integrity and hold those through EVERYTHING that you do.

Have fun with this exercise and learning what is important to you.  This is definitely a heart-centered exercise.  So get out of your head and get with your heart space.

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Lynan Saperstein

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