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How to Know Your Biggest – Part 5

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Hola Friends!  I’m bringing you Part 5 of How to Be Your Biggest, BEST Self and I’m LIVE from Costa Rica for this part!

This week I want you to think about all the people that surround you:

  • All the environments that surround you.
  • Your office, your car, coworkers.
  • How they influence the way you work and who you are.
  • The choice that you have about the people that you surround yourself and the places that you interact with and the places that you work or volunteer or you network in.

You create these surroundings.  You decide where the most powerful place is for you.

I know for me, working in cold NYC this month was not going to work out.  So I opened up myself to the opportunity that I needed surroundings that supported me and my need for nature and my need to talk about spirituality and self-growth right now.  So I found an opportunity in Costa Rica that served these goals.

I really invite all of you to set intentions this week, this month to really clear up any places, surroundings, or people that don’t serve you, that don’t help you be your highest, biggest, BEST self.

Think about all the different things that are surrounding you.  What’s in your environment?  What’s in your atmosphere? And how it is influencing how you’re living and how you’re being.

Have a fantastic, fantastic week!  I will talk to you very soon.  This was such a fun five-parter!  If you have any requests for a different type of 5 part series or 3 part series or even a 10 part series, leave a comment below!  I’d love to hear from you guys!

Lynan Saperstein

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