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The freedom I now have by just being myself is IMMEASUREABLE. When I shifted to being ME all of the discomfort of life vanished.

Freedom To Be Yourself


All discomfort comes from suppressing your true identity.
{Bryant H. McGill}

Swirl woman painting

Painting: Swirl by Helena Wierzbicki

The freedom I now have by just being myself
its even difficult to explain here
When I was depressed
pissed off
I was just not in ALIGNMENT with my truest self
I wasn’t there for my life
I was WISHING and WANTING what I had in the past
or what I could have in the future
When I found freedom and shifted into being ME
in this moment
All the pain, strife and discomfort of life vanishes
When I fought, my life HURT
When my life was WRONG, I felt all of those swirling emotions
that honestly sucked
Now if I feel emotions, I feel them
and I don’t make them wrong or right
They are just my feelings
and I feel okay still.
Can you identify your discomfort? And allow it to be?
Can you let the REAL you shine through the
‘imperfections’ and all of
How can just being you always be enough? Find freedom to be yourself.


Lynan Saperstein

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