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FORBES FEATURE: How To Increase Your Value So Clients Want To Pay More

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How To Increase Your Perceived Value So Your Clients Actually Will Want To Pay You More Money

My Forbes magazine featurette and interview


Do you know how much you’re worth?

I bet the answer is no. I bet you’re one of the countless entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, or thought leaders that are significantly undercharging for your services.


This month I had the privilege to be featured in Forbes magazine where I talk about this very issue. I discuss how you can figure out how much you’re worth, how to increase your personal and professional value, and why investing in yourself is directly connected to investing in your business. Additionally I share my personal story of becoming an entrepreneur and living an Unconventional life.


You can read the article and listen to my podcast episode here.

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Unconventional Life is a new podcast on the Forbes Under30 Channel about Millennials earning a living in non-traditional ways. Listen to my episode on iTunes here (it just went live)!  In the episode you will what it takes to increase your value so your clients actually want to pay you more money. Help us boost it to #1 by downloading the episode and leaving a review.


As a bonus for leaving a review, I will be giving away a 12-month membership to The Mastermind for Trailblazers (value $5,000). After you download and/or leave a review you can enter here for the giveaway!

Lynan Saperstein

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