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This is my journey of how I woke up to find my purpose, passion, joy of life and to experience the present moment with more depth.

How to Feel Alive Through The Present Moment


I was a zombie.

Now I feel and open my heart.  Every morning.  

I was an empty shell of myself, not led by my soul at all. I was led by external forces. I was not tapped into self.

I now feel whole, complete and perfect not needing more or less, just as I am. I am me and I always have been, doing the very best I can in every moment.

I was completely detached from what I wanted and how I felt.

Now I feel everything -the delicious and juicy, as well as the bumps in the road that are not my preference. I see it all as a gift and as my bliss because I manifested it into my life. Everything that is happening to me I want.
I say YES and soak in the experience.

I lived life in a dark state of isolation and depression until after college.

Then I seriously woke up.
I wish I could say I did this all on my own. But the Universe put a car accident in front of me.
I was desperate for a way out of the life I’d trapped myself into.
I manifested a potentially life threatening collision with a car to course correct my sadness.

I thought I was thriving. I was getting good enough grades in classes I mostly liked. I had amazing loyal friends or so I thought. I was doing what I was supposed to do. I had a career path. I was really just barely living the mediocre, average, settling life.

But I felt I was empty. I knew there was something missing. But I had no clue what it was.
I also was afraid that I would never find it.

I didn’t know where to look. I just wanted to be happy.

I wasn’t actually empty. I just didn’t know where to look for value, riches and a delicious life. That’s something I have to teach myself to look for and stay in. Once I locate the joy (and its everywhere!), I keep looking for more and more amazing things to be grateful for in my life.

The more I looked for GREAT things in my life, the more they showed up.

I now feel the value of me. Who I am being in each moment is my gift.
My greatness is being true and honest about myself.
By being myself and not trying to be something else, I am at ease.
I am fun to be around and I am more attractive as a business woman and partner.

I wish I could tell you that finding your purpose and feeling alive happens overnight. But unfortunately it doesn’t. It takes hard work, it takes being very honest about who you are and how you’re being and serious life shifts.

And on the flip side, it takes a MOMENT.
One transformational moment of non-judgement, allowing my life to be exactly as it is.
Without trying to change it or manipulate it or MAKE IT BETTER THAN NOW.

Right now is perfectly as you created it. I can assure you.

I now feel the most alive when I am in the present moment of my life. When I am actually present for what is. And I am actually noticing the gifts, opportunities and people who are in my magical words.

Not looking to change anything. Not wishing something else would’ve happened. But just relishing and enjoying exactly what is.

I used think the good life would come later. When I finished school, when I got a boyfriend or got a husband. I thought the good life started when I had all of these things.
But the truth is my life began the moment, I loved me in this moment. In one pivotal moment, I would no longer stand for less than complete compassion and kindness toward my self. Every day it became a practice of witnessing and noticing my inner voice. How I was treating me day in and day out.

Life is precious. Each relationship no matter how long is perfect. But the relationship with yourself will last a lifetime. Why not invest in sweetness and gentleness with your ultimate partner….YOU?

You see my heart was never connected to my actions, to my words, to who I was showing up’s in the world. When I reconnected to my heart and my soul, really truly listening to what I ached and longed for my life transformed. When I truly listened to the soft whispers of my soul, I was truly listening to Lynan. I was saying Lynan’s voice and needs were in fact the most important. Finally.

I started to breathe through my heart. I began to speak kind and compassionate words through my heart, first to myself and then effortless with others. I let go of control, I relinquished all of my rules and regulations to let my heart guide me. Lynan still gets confused and overwhelmed, but my heart always knows the way home and exactly what I need to feel healed.

I want to invite you to believe in a world of endless possibilities for your life. For your heart. For your soul.
Because before you lay, anything. Serious your wildest dreams can and will come true.
Mine did.

You can give yourself the life of your dreams.

Deep breath. All of the tools and answers as to HOW lay with in you.

Never settle for less than complete and utter joy. Laughter, giggles, smiles and true friendship are always waiting for you when you let go of good and make way for great. Amazing. Magnificent. Miraculous.

Listen to yourself. Listen to your inner voice.
Follow those soft whispers of your soul, they always know what to do.

Be with yourself. Go on dates with yourself, SERIOUSLY. Take time and create sacred space for your healing, rejuvenation, creation and stillness.

Treat yourself like you are the love of your life.
Because you are.

Be in every moment fully. As if its your last.
As if its all you have.
Because its all we’ll ever have any influence over.
Your happiness lay in this very moment.
I am grateful you’re spending it with me right now.

But go and play and explore the gorgeous world.
Let go of the past. Don’t worry about the future.
Just enjoy what you’ve got.
I think you’ll love it.


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Lynan Saperstein

3 responses to “How to Feel Alive Through The Present Moment”

  1. Katie says:

    This is such a beautiful post Lynan. The journey, the truth, the awakening, the decisions, the joy, the beauty. You are such a beautiful soul and this call to action to love ourselves, be in the present moment, and truly live is so spot on for what I’ve experienced and the women I have the privilege to work/play with. Love this part: “Follow those soft whispers of your soul, they always know what to do.” Yes yes yes! Thank you beautiful soul, thank you!!!

  2. […] out Lynan Saperstein from The Big Factor, she has a fantastic post from last week on Feeling Alive in the Present […]

  3. I love this post! Sadly, you totally described how so many people live, just going through the motions. Unfortunately, it often does take a moment–turning 40, a cancer diagnosis, a horrible car accident–to shake us loose from our old ways of thinking. Why is that? Why are we so quick to deny ourselves the life we are meant to live?

    It IS in all of us, the life of our dreams. I believe the joy in our lives comes from the little moments we notice and bask in. Katie taught me a lesson about gratitude and how it can take the ordinary to extraordinary.

    So happy to find you through Katie and look forward to reading much more!

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