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Creating Your BIG Dreams

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I knew instantly I had met another dreamer. Farsighted and inspiring in nature, her ability to take a vague concept and infuse it with vision and purpose, even her physical presence (standing over 6′ without heels) was BIG. Lynan Saperstein, visionary, business coach, founder and creator of the BIG Factor has definitely changed the way I see myself and my work.

And I was no stranger to the concept of “dreaming” when I met her. As a writer and a “dream guide”, I helped people reconnect to the power of their nighttime experiences. I knew first hand that dreams can be powerful and transformative, that they could open us up to new ways of seeing, and tell a bigger picture of who we are. But it wasn’t until Lynan introduced me to the following exercise (check out the video) that I realized teaching people how to dream extended far beyond the bedroom.

Dreaming wasn’t about sleeping, it was about waking up. It was about living from the inside-out- looking within and creating a vision for yourself of who you want to be, become, and do. Being a dreamer wasn’t about living up in the clouds, it was about claiming our creative power and knowing ourselves to be the authors of our lives. And just like in our nighttime dreams, we are infinite in possibilities and potential.

I invite you to tap into this creative power by dreaming up your 2013 or in this case, your ideal day. What do you want to do this year? If you could look back on 2013, one year from now, where are you? Who are you with? What is your life like? Just as Lynan taught me, don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG.

Thomas is an author of the book Oneironautics: A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming and the co-creator of Dream Labs, an interactive community of dreamers exploring the potential of dreaming through social experiments.  Check it out at dreamlabs.io.

Lynan Saperstein

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