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This elevator pitch template will teach you to know what to say, how to say it, and how to evolve with it.

Elevator Pitch Template-The Ultimate Unconventional Speech

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Creating the Unconventional Elevator Pitch:

For most of you, entrepreneurship is your LIFE. My solopreneur clients live, breathe and dream their business, 24/7/365. That kind of passion is undoubtable. People can see it radiating from you – they’ll want to talk to you about it.

And when that conversation comes  up – whether on the street, at a networking event, or on a ACTUAL elevator ride, will you be ready with a clear, concise answer?

A unique, unconventional and branded ELEVATOR PITCH can transform your intimate connection with your business into a clear, concise and memorable conversation.

I’ve been coaching many of my new clients on their elevator speeches lately, and our Trailblazer’s Gathering attendees are working on theirs as a homework assignment, so I thought now would be the perfect time to share my tips with the TBF community.


The Unconventional Elevator Pitch – What to Say

When I meet new people, I often ask “What are you currently creating in this world?” instead of the usual “What do you do?”. Think of your new and improved elevator speech as the ultimate answer to that burning question – tell them what you’re doing to change the world. Blow their minds!

Your pitch could include (but doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to!) the following information:

    • The Problem Your Business Solves  – Your Unique Creative Solution
    • Who Has the Problem – Show you know your specific ideal client’s struggles deeply, perhaps because they were your own at some point in the journey.
    • How Clients Can Benefit from your Offerings  – Highlight the benefits and results of your unique products/services. This is what people really want to know; understand it clearly, and share with client anecdotes concisely.
    • Your Passion/Experience to Run this type of Business

The Unconventional Elevator Pitch – How to Say It

You may only have a few minutes (or floors) to leave a lasting impact. The room may be crowded with other entrepreneurs, but the secret to a PERFECT elevator pitch is to ignore the time pressure AND be enthusiastic. Be fully present and aware of time, but don’t be rushed. You have value to share worthy of attention – it’s why you’re here.

And you may be nervous the first few times. That’s perfectly normal. It’s actually a sign that you believe what you are saying is important and you want to have impact. Your speech will get easier and flows better every single time you speak it. For beginners, following an elevator pitch formula (below) can be beneficial as a jumping off point. Over time, and with many conversations to practice, you’ll learn to make it your own elevator pitch masterpiece.  I find in random encounters I will say my pitch in the most unique, heart-felt perfect way and I know YES thats it! Then I jot down the special details asap.


[Name of your company] provides [name your products or services] for [describe the specific segment of the market you will serve/client avatar] who [describe the problem this solves for them].

Example: The Big Factor provides international transformational experiences, mentorship and strategy for trailblazing entrepreneurs worldwide who want to do work they love making big impact and big profit.


The Unconventional Elevator Pitch – How to MAKE AN IMPRESSION


When I lived in NYC, I typically went to 2-3 networking events a week, just to practice my elevator speech and gain experience talking about myself and my offerings to strangers. To this day, I practice on everyone – from potential clients to people who may never hire me like flight attendants and waiters (cause you also never knows!). I treat them all with the same respect and level of personal inspiration behind my pitch. I invite you to do the same: Everyone is a potential client, worthy of your best self and best elevator pitch.

WATCH how and what you say to a stranger when you’re on the spot. I invite you to OBSERVE what comes out when there are nerves involved. Because every human being will bring up something different for you.

  • What pieces are people the most interested in?
  • What gets them asking more questions?
  • What feels the most natural coming out of your mouth?
  • What elevator pitches ultimately attract the ideal clients into your business?

And practice in front of your best evaluator – yourself! Record yourself saying the first versions of your pitch. Video or audio recording, will help you be objective. Listen as your client avatar, listen for your truth. GET RAW HERE. EXPERIMENT. Share your very best expression of you. Practice makes you perfectly comfortable and ready for anything.

LISTEN to how you’re talking about your business right now.

  • Are you happy?
  • Do you look stressed when you say certain words or share certain parts of your business?
  • Watch your body language as closely as you listen to your words to truly see how you’re expressing your offerings to potential clients.

Your elevator speech is always evolving. You’ll continue to tweak it for years to come – as you grow, as your business changes, as your offerings become more focused and as you narrow in on the specifics of your soul’s purpose.

With your practiced elevator pitch, you’ll not only live, breathe and be a walking billboard for your business, but you’ll be able to put your passion and energy into a digestible and memorable explanation of your offerings. It’s time to attract more perfect clients for bigger impact and more income, a well-sculpted unique elevator pitch is the first step.

Get busy with how you speak about your business! If you’re feeling brave share your video or written pitch in the comments section.


Lynan Saperstein

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    This is really useful, thanks.

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