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How to Create a Magnetic Social Media Campaign that Increases ROI

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Any travel marketing expert will tell you that social media campaigns are an imperative part of your brands marketing and sales strategy. However, just coming up with a campaign isn’t enough. It needs to be unique, exciting, and grab people’s interest and attention. Making your campaign utterly awesome will not only increase your brand presence but also your sales, thus boosting your return of investment. And at the end of the day, this is what we all want. While you need a lot of creativity and originality, there are some simple steps you can take to help make your social media campaign go viral.


  • Promote across different social media


One of the easiest ways to ensure that your campaign gets attention is to promote it in as many platforms as possible. A travel and tourism business should already have an Instagram, a Facebook page, and a Twitter. If you are active on other media like Snapchat and Pinterest, even better. When you promote your campaign on different platforms it gets the attention of the widest audience possible. What’s best, many of these platforms already have connect buttons that automatically share posts on other social media platforms. Minimum effort and maximum output, otherwise known as travel marketing magic!


  • Use followers as brand ambassadors


The reality of modernity is that everyone wants attention. Giving your followers a chance to promote your tourism business is a win-win for everyone. Such campaigns could include asking people to take a picture/share a video of your product or destination using a specific hashtag. Once you start getting entries,
you can share the best ones in your page and link back to the user’s profile. Since people want to get noticed, they will do some avid promotion (for free!), and also get excited about your brand. You can count on a portion of the entries to be amazing, so you will also generate incredible content that will turn heads. The gist of the matter is, engaging with your followers is always a great way to increase ROI. P.S. It’s also free!



  • Make your campaign proactive


People are more likely to do something when you actively ask them to do it. Social media campaigns that get a lot of impressions are great because they get attention. However, a campaign that gets people to actively engage with it is even better. This could, again, mean asking people to upload their own content (whether or not you decide to reshare it). Other options could be downloading something, entering a contest, telling their personal story, or anything of the sort. Getting people to get involved will make them feel more personally connected to your tourism company, and more likely to convert into loyal customers.


  • Connect with influencers


The great thing about social media is that it’s extremely easy to find people who have popular profiles. No matter how many followers your own profiles have, connecting with influencers will exponentially increase your reach and skyrocket your existing travel marketing efforts. An influencer can be a popular blogger, a regular user with a large following, and even a celebrity. Because they are already influential figures, they are the perfect people to help promote your campaign.


A great social media campaign is a must for any travel and tourism business. The best campaigns are always the ones that have heart and personality. Have fun with your campaign by letting your creativity run wild, or connect it with a cause you deeply care about. This will get people excited about doing business with you, and significantly increase your ROI.

Lynan Saperstein

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