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Justin Turpin

Categories: Branding

Before working with Lynan, I was lost. I knew I wanted to create something big, but rather than create my gift for the world, I continually created hurdles to delay sharing my gift. I felt totally incapable. And then Lynan completely shifted that for me. Working with Lynan was incredible. She gave me her 100% energy and attention, and I knew she was committed to my success. Lynan’s belief in me quickly lifted me up to where I firmly believed in myself. After our first call, I felt ready to share my gifts NOW. I took immediate action towards my big dream. Now, not only do I feel I can create my dreams, but I can say with certainty that I know they will happen. I’ve now created 4 coaching clients, and I’m pulling together all the pieces to create my big dream. I would recommend Lynan to anyone who needs clarity on creating their big gift to the world. I’m incredibly thankful for having her in my life. Thank you Lynan! Justin Turpin, The MindHacker for Entrepreneurs

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