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FORBES FEATURE: How To Increase Your Value So Clients Want To Pay More

How To Increase Your Perceived Value So Your Clients Actually Will Want To Pay You More Money My Forbes magazine featurette and interview Do you know how much you’re worth? I bet the answer is no. I bet you’re one of the countless entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, or thought leaders that are significantly undercharging for your […]

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How To Live In Gratitude Each Day

How To Live In Gratitude Each Day – Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014: Thankful for Gratitude Gratitude has become a way of life for me. Learning how to live in gratitude each day has made me open to more success and growth. I wrote about how gratefulness changed my life last Thanksgiving season, and this year I want to share my experience with gratitude from a […]

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Each business owner has their own personality type. An introverted personality and extroverted personality types will determine how you show up in your business and in your life.

Introverted Personality Vs. Extroverted Personality Types in Life and Business

I am still at odds with the introverted personality that I have in my life and in my own business style. I often think I am supposed to be doing more. Meeting MORE people. Doing MORE work… workshops, clients, emails, events Out socializing MORE. I am hardwired from my childhood to have an extroverted personality […]

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How Gratitude Changed My Life

Gratitude changed my life. I used to get in trouble all of the time as a little girl for forgetting to say Thank You. And the more I got yelled at, the more I would forget. My life has taken many twists and turns. I had the high highs, getting into an amazing private University […]

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How to Find Balance

Hola Friends!  I’m bringing you this week’s coaching tip.  A gecko just fell down from the ceiling in front of me, that’s just part of the surprises you get in Costa RIca! What I wanted to talk to you guys about today was balance.  The balance between life and work.  I know it is something […]

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How to Know Your Biggest – Part 5

Hola Friends!  I’m bringing you Part 5 of How to Be Your Biggest, BEST Self and I’m LIVE from Costa Rica for this part! This week I want you to think about all the people that surround you: All the environments that surround you. Your office, your car, coworkers. How they influence the way you […]

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How to Know Your Biggest Self – Part 4

I’m bringing you Part 4 of Knowing Your Biggest BEST Self Series.  This is for getting a deeper understanding of what we desire and how to go out there and get it so we can live our biggest life, our best life possible. Step 4 is a little bit of a challenge, I’m going to […]

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How to Build Strength for Success

Hola Friends!  Greetings from Costa Rica Today’s coaching video is around strength, building and maintain strength in your life and your business.  Tapping into your support: Look at your support systems.  What activities support you?  Touch base with them on a weekly or even daily basis.  Call your support system people – the ones who […]

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How to Start Your Day with BIG Success

Today I want to talk about how you start off your day.  How do you start your day and set it up to be a BIG day?  A BIG day of success, a BIG day of opportunity, a BIG day of open doors coming into your life and your business.  I recommend doing this right […]

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13 Days to 2013 – Day 3 Exercise: Dreaming Up 2013

Hello Friends! We are on Day 3 of our 13 days to 2013 and today we’re going to dig into one of my favorite things to do – Dreaming up 2103. Step 1: Shut your eyes and visualize what can happen.  Picture what could possibly be happening in 2013 Step 2: Write down your dreams.  […]

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13 Days to 2013 – Day 2 Exercise: Unclutter

Clean, clear and release the physical & emotional blocks in your life On Day 2 we’re going to dig into the concept of clutter!  Clutter takes over our lives and decluttering is a great way to set yourself up for the New Year.  Declutter areas of your house, your LIFE(things, people, relationship), the loose ends […]

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13 Days to 2013 – Day 1: Loose Ends Exercise

Hello Friends! We are kicking off the premiere of how to be your most Magnificent, Unstoppable and BIG self in 2013.  13 days to set yourself up for success in the New Year.  This is the first video and in each video we are going to tackle one topic, challenge that will help us be […]

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