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FORBES FEATURE: How To Increase Your Value So Clients Want To Pay More

How To Increase Your Perceived Value So Your Clients Actually Will Want To Pay You More Money My Forbes magazine featurette and interview Do you know how much you’re worth? I bet the answer is no. I bet you’re one of the countless entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, or thought leaders that are significantly undercharging for your […]

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how to afford international travel retreats

How to Afford International Travel, Retreats Or Anything Right Now!

How to Afford International Travel, Retreats (Or Anything You Might be Wanting) Right Now! The first step is MINDSET: Believe you actually can and will make the money needed for the international travel and retreats of your dreams. Set your brain to the frequency that says you can easily afford this retreat that says the […]

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These are the ten thing you need to know about authentic business networking in a new city.

Authentic Business Networking in A New City (or In Your Own City)-Ten Things You Need To Know

I JUST FIGURED OUT ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS I AM SUCCESSFUL. And here are ten things you need to know to have this mastery of authentic business networking too! Here’s the breakdown: The Ten Thing You Need To Know About Authentic Business Networking in A New City These are also excellent tips for life […]

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How to hire a virtual assistant and the business process of an online business structure.

How To Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

Four Steps To Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant One of the first steps to expansion is hiring your first virtual assistant to take you there. Are you ready to give yourself, and your growing business, the energizing, passion-infusing gift of outsourced support? Outsourcing to the right virtual assistant and eventually virtual team makes your business […]

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A detailed guide for lifestyle entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create a location independent business and travel the world.

Travel the World With A Location Independent Business- A Guide for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Pt2

PART 2: The Nitty Gritty Details of A Nomadic Life and A Location Independent Business My post from last week was on how to know if you’re ready to be a location independent entrepreneur. Many of you have commented with great questions around being a traveling entrepreneur and running a business from the road. This post […]

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The Pace of Life in Italy

The pace of life in Italy The BIGGEST take-away after about a week in Italy… is the PACE. this gorgeous country with magnificent people is teaching me to SLOW DOWN (even more) finding a natural flow, a tempo a HEART BEAT when its time for lunch (we don’t discuss work) WE ENJOY THE FOOD It […]

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London images gallery

Photo Album of Adventures in the UK- London Images Gallery

London is dreamy. Especially when viewed through the lens of a digital nomad’s London images gallery. Experience Experts founder, Lynan Saperstein (a digital nomad herself), has an eye for detail and showcasing what makes a destination stand out. Whisk yourself away to foggy London town through Lynan’s London images gallery and get inspired for your next trip […]

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