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To begin this empire-building series, I’m going to dig into the 3 biggest myths entrepreneurs face around how to grow your legacy business.

How To Build a Legacy Business

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 Solopreneur to Empire: Grow Your Legacy Business… Now!

This month, I’m starting off by addressing a serious entrepreneur myth: that solopreneurs can do it all “solo” and make 6, 7, or 8-figures from their business. This one stops many of you from the growth you are meant to have.

Not ONE multi-figure entrepreneur will encourage you to grow your business all by yourself or tell you it’s possible to learn every aspect of the business perfectly before delegating or building your empire. Successful entrepreneurs are not islands, isolated from influence and support; they are plugged in to the mainland, with an unconventional business plan at the helm.

August, a month named for an EMPEROR, is my month to contribute to your business strategy in a big way and help you actually grow your legacy business now.  It’s time to build your empire. My intention is to open your mind to bigger opportunities for your company, your lifestyle, your service, whether it’s currently a bustling small business, or just an inspired idea still awaiting wings in your mind.

We are all called to create an Empire with our gifts – to share ourselves and market the heck out of our INCREDIBLE OFFERINGS, so our ideal clients can find us and embrace our solution. They are desperately looking for that solution, and thus YOU, so help them find you. In this emperial month, I’m inviting you to step into your Greatness as an entrepreneur. Step up as Queen or King of your Empire by re-evaluating the day-to-day operations of your online business and transforming what is possible next.

To begin this empire-building series, I’m going to dig into the 3 BIGGEST MYTHS entrepreneurs face around how to grow your business and leave a legacy.

It’s time for a revolution in growing your business. We are shifting the paradigm of how to build a business as its been known. Empires of transformation and support are being built all around you. Don’t wait 5, 10 or 20 years for yours to maybe sink or sail – THE TIME IS NOW. When you start your vision and implementation toward building your Empire, your legacy begins.



Growing an Empire is the same amount of work, just MAGNIFIED to reach more potential customers….and make more profit. You are already putting in the hard-work, passion and energy, why not use it with an effective (albeit non-traditional) business plan to generate more income and have a larger impact on the planet?

Why not work the same amount, but grow your business faster?

Its time to not only dream BIG but plan BIG. Plan to create a more substantial, impactful business, your one voice is meant to transform million of lives.



Your entrepreneurial vision is BIG, so your dream of massive impact can be daunting, overwhelming and scary at times. Especially if you’re acting alone, you might think of the long list of to-do’s and want to slow down or completely stop. You long to grow your baby- your business creation, but you feel paralyzed at the prospect of going it alone.

This is the most painful myth of all. Millions of talented entrepreneurs are stuck, waiting to feel READY.

I want to share a simple secret with you.

You are ready right now.

This is why you were called to bravely start your business or side gig in the first place: you have an immense amount of passion inside you, you are beyond capable and you’re ready to become a successful entrepreneur right now. Waiting is okay, but if you’re primed for growth (which your presence here on this website and inspiration in this world already shows that you are), why not build your business empire sooner, rather than later?

Begin helping more people this week.

The DRIVE that got you started needs to be channeled into the right areas of your business.

There are parts of your business starving for your love and attention.

Don’t hold back: grow your business by leaning on your friends and networks for support. Remember, you’re not an island. You have an entire community of like-minded entrepreneurs ALL OVER THE WORLD to tap into.

Barter, reach into resources of collective networks, and ask your friends and networks to tell their friends and networks about you. The Internet community allows your business to grow exponentially while you sleep – each new contact opens the door to a new community of their friends and contacts, giving you the opportunity to grow your impact faster than you can possibly conceive.



This one is just plain lies.

You are a knowledgeable and capable entrepreneur, but you don’t have to master every single task in order to run and grow your business. Or wait until you have a grasp of every aspect before you can expand. Your brilliance inspired you to become an entrepreneur; there are others whose brilliance inspired them and its their pleasure to support you in achieving that BIG dream. Who can turn your business plan into a reality? Who excels at tasks you aren’t so great at, or the ones you don’t have time to do well? Find those magnificent human beings and invite them in.

It is smart to learn the basics of every aspect of your business. I am talking a vague outline and I am still learning those basics in different arenas of my business. I did not need to wait to expand my offerings. Beyond that, please consider what your time is really worth. Isn’t it better to invest your time in planning and creating your Empire, while hiring amazing others to help do the implementation pieces?

This is where a focused vision and unconventional business plan are instrumental.

[In the FREE Activate Your Big Factor Guide, we cover that focused vision piece in depth. And we dig into the unconventional business planning in our TBF offerings.]

Once you have a stable business strategy, many pieces of the implementation can be delegated to others. You will also get to practice your leadership, management and juggling skills.

You have been given the gift of a BIG DREAM as an entrepreneur. The Big Factor is here to show you how to make a BIG IMPACT as you build and scale your business Empire, step by step. And we want you to have a blast while you’re doing it!

They say “go BIG or go home.” Its time to go for the biggest vision you can dream up.

Let’s work together to get comfortable with your POWER of creating a long- lasting Empire. A solopreneur can only go so far alone.

An Emperor can transform lives and change the world as he or she leads.

Lynan Saperstein

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