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View of Ubud: Perfect For Digital Nomads

A Digital Nomad’s Guide To Working And Traveling in Chiang Mai and Ubud

During my latest adventures, I had the amazing opportunity to spend time in two hot-spots for digital nomads: Chiang Mai, Thailand and Ubud, Bali. These two destinations are some of the most popular places for traveling entrepreneurs, and it only took me a brief amount of time to understand why. Amazing food, an inspiring community, […]

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5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs To Value Time Off

No doubt about it: Being an entrepreneur is REALLY hard work. When you’re passionate about your business and your vision, it’s all-to-easy to fall into a routine of 15-hour work days, take-out Chinese, and never-ending to-do lists. You feel guilty if you aren’t glued to your computer, hammering away at your next big project or […]

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best travel and tourism blogs to follow for serious inspiration

5 Tourism Brands To Follow For Serious Blogging Inspiration

  If you’re a travel and tourism brand, then you absolutely cannot undervalue the importance of a business blog. For starters, blogging is one of the most organic ways to get new website traffic to your site. And fresh, targeted traffic means more clients, more customers and more MONEY.   But even more importantly, a […]

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5 Life Lessons Learned From Leading Group Entrepreneur Retreats Around The World

  I’ve been leading clients and trailblazers on group entrepreneur retreats around the world for years. From Costa Rica to Croatia—from cycling to yoga to sea kayaking to surfing—these retreats and set departure tours have included some of the most gorgeous, life-changing destinations and adventures of my life.   Along the way, I’ve learned a […]

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trailblazer's community

Could An Entrepreneur’s Retreat Finally Connect You With Your Tribe?

  Finding a community of like-minded entrepreneurs changed my life and my business. I will forever be grateful for that first Tribe I found in Santiago, Chile—for the groundbreaking experience of living with 30 other passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs from around the world. This first experience with community transformed the way I work and live. […]

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tribe and community The Big Factor

The Value Of Tribe: Why Every Entrepreneur Needs Community

  When most people think of an entrepreneur, they envision an individual—someone who is independent, autonomous and solitary. However, every wildly successful entrepreneur knows that you can only go it alone for so long. Throughout my journey to personal and professional success, I have found time and time again that being part of a Tribe […]

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4 Tips For Hiring A Virtual Team From An Online Business Building Expert

  I love getting questions from my Tribe and followers on social media. Reaching out, making connections, and not being afraid to ask for help when you need it are so crucial to success as an entrepreneur. Recently I received the following question and I knew that it was a hot-topic a lot of people […]

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The Ultimate Entrepreneur’s Guide To Living and Traveling in Santiago, Chile

  When I first arrived in Santiago, Chile, I absolutely hated it. True story. I called my sister and lamented how I wanted to quit right then and there. To start with, Santiago was abnormally cold and rainy. It literally rained straight my first two days after everyone told me that it NEVER rains in […]

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My Number One Secret To Sales Calls That Get A Yes 99.9% Of The Time

  The past few weeks, we’ve gone deep into everything you need to know to master your sales calls. From learning how to convert cold leads to exuding serious self-confidence, I’ve shared a lot of insider tips from my years of experience as an entrepreneur who LOVES sales. I genuinely hope that by now you’ve […]

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Heat up cold leads and make more sales

How To Heat Up Your Cold Leads—And Make More Sales Now

  Are you scared of cold calling? If so, you’re not alone. Mastermind Members and entrepreneurs tell me all the time that cold calling is one of their LEAST favorite things to do. Yet these same people also know that cold leads are necessary for transformational growth and abundance both in their businesses and the […]

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have more confidence in your sales conversations

How To Exude Confidence In Your Sales Conversations

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.” – Norman Vincent Peale Confidence. It can make or break your sales conversations—and ultimately determine your success as an entrepreneur. You might be the absolute best at what it is you […]

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9 Tips To Take Your Sales Calls To The Next Level

9 Tips For Sales Conversations That Actually Convert To Clients

  I’m absolutely crazy about sales. Even when I was a Girl Scout as a child, I just loved knocking on doors to try to sell my neighbors cookies. This innate passion for sales has stayed with me and is in large part what has made me the successful marketing strategist and branding expert that […]

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