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The 50+ Best Retreat Experiences of 2018

The 50+ Best Retreat Experiences of 2018 Explore the top wellness, spiritual, yoga, meditation, healing, business/entrepreneurship, relationship and more retreats around the world that 2018 has to offer. The It’s a new year and with a new year comes new adventures and new self-exploration. 2018 is no exception as its the perfect year for you to […]

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The Top 5 Hotel Internet Marketing Secrets That Will Boost Your Bookings

The Top 5 Hotel Internet Marketing Secrets That Will Boost Your Bookings Looking for ways to boost your bookings for your boutique hotel or resort for the new year, even during the low, off-peak or shoulder seasons? These top 5 hotel internet marketing secrets will give you an edge!  Hotel owners are always looking for […]

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NEW PODCAST INTERVIEW: Lodging Leaders – How To Get More Hotel Bookings With Less Effort

HOW TO GET MORE HOTEL BOOKINGS WITH LESS EFFORT Recently I was a guest on the Lodging Leaders podcast where I talk about how my digital marketing company, Experience Experts, stands out from other branding companies and how to get more hotel bookings. I share my story on how I came to be a luxury […]

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2018 Travel Events You Won’t Want To Miss

Calling all travel agents, bloggers, hoteliers, videographers, and influencers! 2018 is packed with travel events that will help propel you to the next level of your career. Networking and building relationships with industry professionals is key to growing your business. What better way to do that than at some of the year’s biggest travel events? […]

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Hotel Technology Trends You Need to Know

The future for hotels in terms of operations and customer service could be the rise of 5G mobile. While it is very early days yet and while this technology is not expected to be in place for at least another four years, it is something that hotels will have to look at for the future in terms of keeping pace.

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Three Magical Retreat Centers in Bali You Have To See To Believe

Many of you know that I recently took the time to travel around Bali—primarily in and around the ever-so-lovely Ubud. In between yoga, green smoothies and experiencing the best the region had to offer, I dedicated an entire day to exploring the top retreat centers in and around Ubud. But I didn’t go it alone—I had the fantastic company of my new friend Catalina, a charismatic Colombian currently living in Australia and running her trail-blazing business EventswithSoul.com

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Entrepreneurs: How To Plan The Ultimate Retreat In Costa Rica

Last week I divulged my top three picks in Hawaii for hosting transformational retreats and events. Now, in continuation of this series featuring amazing retreat centers in awe-inspiring locations, it’s time to travel to one of my favorite destinations of all time: Costa Rica.

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Marketing for Retreat Centers

Retreat centers are truly gift to humanity. Who doesn’t want to take time off from the hectic day-to-day and get away from it all by unplugging? If you own and operate a retreat center, then you already have an incredible product to offer. The space you have created in invaluable to the population. Whether you focus on writing retreats, yoga retreats, transformational retreats or simply provide a space for groups and individuals to breathe a little bit more, there are always thousands of people interested in visiting & booking your destination. Because of this fact, any travel marketing that you do needs to focus on letting people know that you exist, much more than convincing them of your amazing product. Your job when marketing a retreat center is to shine a spotlight on your resort so that customers see you.

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How to Create a Magnetic Social Media Campaign that Increases ROI

Any travel marketing expert will tell you that social media campaigns are an imperative part of your brands marketing and sales strategy. However, just coming up with a campaign isn’t enough. It needs to be unique, exciting, and grab people’s interest and attention. Making your campaign utterly awesome will not only increase your brand presence but also your sales, thus boosting your return of investment. And at the end of the day, this is what we all want. While you need a lot of creativity and originality, there are some simple steps you can take to help make your social media campaign go viral.

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Creating an Irresistible Opt In for Your Destination or Tour Company

An opt-in can be one of the most powerful marketing tools for a travel and tourism company. By engaging potential customers through newsletters, you can significantly increase your sales.

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FORBES FEATURE: How To Increase Your Value So Clients Want To Pay More

How To Increase Your Perceived Value So Your Clients Actually Will Want To Pay You More Money My Forbes magazine featurette and interview Do you know how much you’re worth? I bet the answer is no. I bet you’re one of the countless entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, or thought leaders that are significantly undercharging for your […]

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Debunking the Myth of Social Media: Does 20k IG Followers Really Mean Anything?

It seems as if nowadays travel marketing success is measured by the number of followers your social media has. This is especially true for hospitality and tourism businesses, which have started to look to Instagram and other trending social media platforms to attract new potential customers. Content feeds from industry giants like the Hilton Hotels, and Expedia boast thousands of followers and are the envy of the town.

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