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Best Software for Easily Making Client Itineraries Mobile Friendly and Luxury Chic

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Every luxury travel company that wants to keep ahead of the game needs to make its service – mobile friendly. In the age of technology, living on our devices – phones, tablets and laptops, even the most amateur travelers want to have an easy way to access their plans and itineraries before and after the adventure. As a travel and tourism business, you want to provide your clients with the best quality of service, while at the same time increasing your productivity levels. Luckily, there are multiple websites and apps that allow you to do this by creating mobile friendly and luxury chic itineraries your clients will love.


We’ve taken the guess-work out of your search. Check out The Experience Experts favorites to add to your customer experience:



This travel app makes it extremely easy to create a visually appealing, interactive itineraries available in multiple platforms. You can add everything – your client’s flights, hotels, recommended restaurants, maps, things to do, and much more to create the perfect luxury getaway. Adding personal notes, high-quality pictures, and reviews will let your client get a feel for everything you’ve proposed with a white glove touch by you. What’s ideal, is that this app makes communication between travel and tourism businesses and their clients smooth and easy.


Another perk: If any last-minute change occurs, the tour operator or team member can update the itinerary on their personal computer, and the client’s phone app will be immediately notified of an edit and changed. With up to minute on going support, you can provide the personalized, attentive contact that is the definition of any luxury travel brand experience.


 Luxury beach resort, bungalow near endless pool over sea sunset,



Travefy is one of the most elegant, and easy-to-use travel planning softwares available. You may have heard it mentioned, as it is one of the most popular amongst travel and tourism businesses. Every luxurious step of your trips can be planned and added using this mobile friendly platform. Customized pictures and reviews from websites like Tripadvisor and Yelp can add some additional personality and social proof to the itinerary. When software goes the extra mile, the add-ons keep clients informed and satisfied.


Another perk: Travefy’s website also offers a comprehensive global database that makes planning the trip a breeze for your team members. This helps your itinerary planners have access to more information to enhance your client’s luxury travel experience. And one of the best features of Travefy is the versatility that you can send itineraries to a client’s mobile phone, or convert it into a PDF document to be printed or emailed.



Imagine a Pinterest board but for the entire internet. Tripcipe lets you clip anything and everything that you find interesting while browsing the web. Your clips can come from sites like Lonely Planet, social media platforms, and specialty blogs. The website then puts all your clips in order so that you can see everything that you are interested in neatly organized in one place. Its layout is fun and engaging, and the software makes it easy for clients to let you know exactly what they want, what they are interested in and for you to effortlessly make suggestions.


Tripcipe is a powerful planning tool before you submit completed itineraries to a client. It allows you to get to know them and their desires instantly and be in visual communication with their vision for the ideal luxury tourism journey.


Back view young freelancer man busy working on laptop computer w



Detailed maps, and useful recommendations make Mygola’s service not only essential but fun too. Their itineraries are easy to make and of course mobile friendly like the rest. Though it is the least sophisticated and chic of these softwares, it allows users to book trips with your company right from the app. It is this feature that places it on the Experience Experts’ list, as convenience for making a sale is the number one feature of any luxury travel itinerary.  Check out this tool if you believe your ideal customer will be interested in searching through your itineraries through their mobile devices and making bookings the same way. Only you know you customer’s behaviors, Mygola may be the best fit for your travel and tourism business needs.


Keeping the client happy is a priority of any travel business from the moment you connect with them until the moment they finish their journey with you, and these apps help you do just that in an easy and interactive way. Their mobile friendly nature and luxury chic features make them the perfect companion to your business. Besides, being technologically savvy is always a great angle for marketing your travel brand. Clients love to have access to your travel vision for them right in the palm of their hands.


We invite you to delve deeper with these itinerary options out now and test drive them. Find the one that does the best job at elevating your brand and creating ease for your guests. I promise you won’t regret it.
And please keep us in the loop, if you use one of these softwares let us know. Please share if you have found another amazing software that we did not feature – we’re always on the lookout for the best and the brightest in the travel industry.

Lynan Saperstein

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