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These are the ten thing you need to know about authentic business networking in a new city.

Authentic Business Networking in A New City (or In Your Own City)-Ten Things You Need To Know

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And here are ten things you need to know to have this mastery of authentic business networking too!

Here’s the breakdown:

The Ten Thing You Need To Know About Authentic Business Networking in A New City

These are also excellent tips for life networking. Which by my definition is the same thing. And these work in a city you’ve been living in for years.

Plug in right away. Don’t wait weeks or months.

Put feelers out in a location before you even arrive. Reach out to contacts and friends through social media for a soft landing and initial introductions.

Meet as many people as possible at the start. Attend events you are invited to or discover. Say hello at the supermarket or local coffee shop. Make sure people know your face, who you are and what you are about. Get out there, don’t be afraid to say hi and taste all of the deliciousness. Share yourself authentically and people will remember you!

Get to know acquaintances better. Social media outreach and ask in professional groups you belong to. There are people you know of, pull them into the inner circle and see what you can contribute to one another.

Schedule a lot of ‘dates’ to meet in person. Put in tons of one on one time. There is something so special about face to face. And get to explore the area with locals. Find the cool coffee shops and meeting spots. This will be important in the future for more meetings!

Sign up on local connecting websites. I recommend MeetUp.com and CouchSurfing.com. Sign up for events that intrigue you and attend. Make friends and build connections with like-minded people. If you have specific interests or your business is in a certain field, go where your people are!

Go to the events prepared. Well rested. Business cards in your wallet. And ready to mingle. No fear because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Host an event of your own. Start a MeetUp group. Meet people where you are at. Make new friends and let them introduce you to their friends.

You are human. In a new place, you want to make new friends and make new connections. You want to be liked. You want to feel support. Networking is how this is going to happen, easily and effortlessly. Which you know I am all about! Put yourself out there honestly, don’t hide anything. The people who see all of you and like you because of it, are the best kind of folks around.

The secret is…Its not about you. When authentic business networking, you are there to share yourself. For the other person! You have ideas, resources and yourself to contribute to other’s experience. You may be able to collaborate with their business or income streams.

You are a vessel in the moment you are authentic business networking.
You are pure connection. Get out there and use it!

When I go to a new place, I want to plug in. Immediately.
I don’t wait weeks or months.
I usually reach out before all the boxes are unpacked.
I often have my feelers out in a location before I even arrive.
I want a soft landing and really deep connection with my new home.
I want to meet as many people as possible
to increase the odds of finding friends, confidants,
and play partners. (that sounded dirty and sometimes it is)
I get to know acquaintances better
I reach out to my Facebook ‘friends’
I ask friends if they have any possible connections in the area
I schedule a ton of tea dates
I meet as many people as possible
and now in the case of San Diego ocean gorgeousness
Catch a sunset dates.
I get to see the city with locals
attend amazing events I wouldn’t find otherwise
I get to plug in to a new set of eyes on the place I am living
and I never stop,
even in NYC after 10 years
I was still doing this…..

I am on MeetUp.com and CouchSurfing.com checking for events
I put my friendly Lynan the networker face on
no fear
I have nothing to lose
I am already mostly alone in a new place
without grounding and rooting
Tonight we’re hosting a women’s manifesting circle
because I want to meet people
I want new friends
I want to be surrounded by all the deliciousness San Diego has to offer

I make friends. I make connections.
I have meet some of the most magnificent human beings on the planet this way…and I continue to do it.
You know what the secret is.
Its not really about me.
Seriously, I mean I start from the selfish place of
I want friends
and I want to be social
and I want to know my way around this city and all the cool hangouts
but you know what quickly happens?
I realize I am there for a reason
I am there to share
with ANOTHER being
I have something to provide
I have something to contribute to their lives
and I am just a vessel in that moment
for the connection
for the caring word
for the resource
for the sharing of energy if only for a moment

When I was a young girl, I knew my life’s work would not be one big TRIUMPH
it would be the little moments
where I was able to transform someone’s life
even if ever so slightly
by just being me
by just being present
and by just sharing the space
and listening
and being with someone else

This is your challenge friends.

Share yourself authentically. Whether its for business networking or pleasure.
Make genuine connections. Get comfortable doing it.

It’ll definitely be uncomfortable at first. You were say the wrong thing, a lot.
But then you’ll say the right thing and it’ll flow and you’ll find your confidence.

I promise. You’ll love it, eventually and its so worth it.

Your new best friends are waiting.
Your future collaborators are looking for you.
Your ideal clients are desperately seeking what you offer
BUT ALL OF THESE people need to be able to locate you
they want to meet you
they want deep powerful conservations
not basic small talk
they want to KNOW you
they want the juicy details
they want you OPEN
they want you WILLING
they want you CONFIDENT and EXPRESSED
So get out there and see what happens
I promise it’ll add massive value to your life
it will UPLIFT your existence
and cultivate and catapult you into your HIGHEST GOOD
oh and did i mention
and definitely MORE LOVE
How do you connect? Network? Build your contacts?
How do you plug into community?
I am open to new suggestions as I am currently upping my own game.
I would love to hear from you, comment below!

Lynan Saperstein

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