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How To Attract More Customers: Try These 8 Easy Marketing Hacks

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If you’re struggling to attract more customers and loyal clients that regularly utilize your travel and tourism company, then there’s likely a problem with your marketing strategy.

Marketing is everything. I believe businesses live and die by marketing. You simply cannot reach your dream tourism business if you don’t master your marketing strategy, one piece at a time.

But that doesn’t mean that marketing needs to be totally overwhelming or needs to take over every free moment of your life. After all, if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it!

I want to save you from marketing frustration and fatigue by sharing eight of my favorite, EASY marketing hacks.

With just a few minutes each day and these marketing tips, you’ll soon attract quality leads, better customers and more profit for your boutique destination or tour operation! And who doesn’t want that?

But first, if you missed our previous article on the different types of marketing, I highly recommend going back to read it before you continue on. It’s a great introduction to marketing, and it will get you dialed in on what your DREAM business looks like—and how many clients you need to get there.

Now, let’s dive into it!

How To Attract More Customers And Clients Today: 8 Easy Marketing Hacks

hotel marketing, travel marketing, hospitality and tourism marketing

1. Know Where Your Ideal Clients Are Already Hanging Out

One of the biggest ways entrepreneurs and small business slip up is by marketing to the wrong people. You need to find those people in the crowd who want and need what you have to offer. And to do that, you need to go where your ideal clients are already hanging out.

The easiest way to figure this out is to take the time to do some research. Test the results. Don’t be afraid of trial and error. Once you know where your audience is, discover what time they are there.

At The Experience Experts, we use SocialBro to figure out what times are best to reach our potential ideal clients on their favorite places online. This ensures not only that they see our content, but that we can continue to nurture relationships.

Don’t waste your time marketing to the wrong people. And if you’re not sure who the RIGHT people are, then pause to create your ideal client avatar.

2. Get Out From Behind Your Computer

As entrepreneurs, it is all too easy to get stuck behind our computers for all hours of the day. There’s always something else to do, and we feel guilty if we aren’t utilizing every minute of every day to build our business.

First of all, this will lead to serious burn-out. And that isn’t good for you or your business.

But secondly, often our most inspired work and powerful networking opportunities don’t occur unless we get out into the world. Businesses and entrepreneurs are more magical and close more sales, more easily, when they meet their leads in person.

Attend in-person events, conferences and meet-ups. Find places where your target customers and clients are already gathered. Put on a smile, and get out there!

I have a 97% close rate when I am able to sit down with a client face-to-face. And I LOVE it! Not only will in-person networking opportunities attract more customers, you’ll also learn more about your clients and have the opportunity to nurture your relationships more deeply.

3. Be Consistent

If you want to be successful at anything in life, then consistency is key. Marketing is no different.

Set a schedule and stick to it. Not only will your marketing benefit, but potential customers will already experience your reliability and regularity in how you show up online.

As you increase your marketing and visibility, potential leads will know they can turn to you for support, answers and solutions to their deepest needs and desires. And that ultimately means more customers and clients.

4. Foster Real Emotional Connection

Emotional engagement and connection is the key to marketing success. It’s human nature that we want to connect with individuals on a deeper level.

Just look at the success of popular websites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy. They share amusing and interesting posts that make us laugh and fill us with joy. And most importantly, they share posts that we can relate to.

Be vulnerable. Share your pain and shame (if your potential clients will identify and it relates to their experience). This deepens the LIKE factor fast, so that potential customers trust you and feel like you’re a friend.

Anyway you can connect in a way that is authentic, real and genuine, will lead to attracting more consumers. You can’t fake this, which is what makes it so powerfully effective.


hotel marketing, travel marketing, hospitality and tourism marketing

5. Provide Engaging, Interesting and Informative Content

It is scientifically proven that content marketing attracts a loyal audience of people who are more likely to later buy from you (because they already know, trust and like you).

Create great content on a regular basis. Engage with your readers and followers. You can’t just post something and hope that people will buy. Engage vulnerably, share your experiences, your resources, your friends…SHARE EVERYTHING!

This shows who you are and how you show up for your tribe and clients.

Finally, create amazing resources in your content to support customers and clients in finding and saying a confident YES to what you sell.

Content Marketing is a massive subject we’ll be talking about more in depth, but in the meantime, this blog post from Neil Patel will help you master your content marketing to start attracting more clients.

6. Be Laser Focused On One Thing At A Time

When it comes to marketing, one of the worst things you can do is try to spread yourself all over the place. Don’t do this. FOCUS is key.

It’s like buttering bread. If you try to butter a whole loaf, you’ll end up with a sloppy mess. But if you spread a perfect pad of butter on one slice, it’s smooth and delicious. Don’t try to slather all of your marketing with butter at once. Staying laser-focused and targeted on one platform at a time will ensure success.

7. Offer Freebies

Who doesn’t love a good freebie? Offering valuable, irresistible freebies to potential clients and customers is an extremely potent way to capture qualified leads. The key is to offer HUGE value before people have to hand over any money to you. If you set yourself apart and use what makes you different, you’ll quickly dominate your marketplace, leaving the competition far behind.

8. Follow-Up

Your fortune will be made in how efficient you are at following-up with prospective clients. Keep in touch with leads, some of who may need weeks, months or even years before they buy from you.

I love using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and calendar alerts to continue reaching out to leads.

Remember that most sales don’t occur after the first, second or even third sales call. Continue to nurture relationships and you’ll soon scale your business and convert more of leads into clients.

Marketing can seem totally overwhelming, but if you start incorporating these easy marketing hacks into your daily routine, then I know you’ll soon see more clients—and more profit!


Which of these marketing hacks are you going to start using TODAY? Any additional tips and tricks to share? Please leave your insight and experiences in the comments below!


Lynan Saperstein

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